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60 Stunning Table Settings for Weddings and Events

November 28, 2016 11 min read

60 Stunning Table Settings for Weddings and Events

60 gorgeous table setting ideas for weddings and events

One of my favorite things to do is to browse wedding inspiration and, as I do, I come across thousands of absolutely stunning styles, decor ideas, DIY hacks, and awesome tips and tricks. Sharing those ideas and styles is an absolute must and today's collection of stunning table and place settings is perfect for both weddings and events.


Fairytale wedding table settings

Table Settings for Weddings and Events

Credits: LEFT: Beau Coup; MIDDLE: Image by WeddingWire Reception 4 via Wedding Wire; RIGHT: Photo by Sonia Crouse via Sweet Eye Candy Creations


Although every wedding is someone's fairy tale, the fairy tale wedding theme takes the concept up a level with a fairy-tale styled decor. Unless you've chosen to be very specific with your fairy tale wedding theme, you could add exciting elements from your favorite classic Disney books and movies where princes and princesses live happily ever after. 


Floral Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: ALL: Bradley James Photography via Style me Pretty here, here, and here


Flowers will always be a huge part of a wedding or event, no doubt. From the bride's bouquet to the table decor, floral arrangements are a great way to convey character and extend the wedding theme you've decided to go for. I absolutely love these bright, floral place settings as they add so much depth and beauty to the table. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy a reception brunch, lunch or dinner seated at one of these? Florals are an easy way to add color as well as detail to a minimal table or place setting.

Flowers often have deeper meanings that can be used to enhance the symbolism of your floral arrangements and bouquets. So whether you put together a bunch of your favorite flowers or choose something that will convey a message, enjoy the process as it's an exciting part of putting a wedding together.

I suggest adding a hint of sparkle to your table flowers by simply attaching a brooch or button embellishment to the middle of a flower or two. Alternatively, you could make a stunning bouquet band if you don't want to use sparkle directly on your flowers. However, if you do want to kick your sparkle up a notch, consider making your wedding bouquet entirely out of embellishments.  



Copper Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Braedon Flynn Photography via Green Wedding Shoes; MIDDLE: Katie Jane Photography via Green Wedding Shoes; RIGHT: Hailley Howard Photography via OC Style Report


Metallic elements are a fantastic addition to a wedding or event theme and there are many creative ways of adding these details into your table settings too. From copper tableware to printed menus with copper foil design adding copper to your table looks totally stunning. As a bonus, metallics pair exceptionally well with a large variety of color combinations, making them a go-to for that extra sparkle even when your color combination is quite unique.


Gold Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Aruna B. Photography via Style Me Pretty; MIDDLE: Brooke Boling Photography via Green Wedding Shoes; RIGHT: Corie and Jackie Wedding Photographers via Glamour and Grace Blog


Gold, another metallic, is a lovely addition to your wedding and depending on how you dress it up, or down it could be exquisitely classic or glamorously modern. And, as with the copper elements mentioned above, there are countless stunning ideas for gold in a wedding or event. 

Add a little extra sparkle to your gold-themed wedding or event by adding a few of your favorite embellishments to your table settings, flower arrangements, and even wedding wear accessories. See how we added sparkle to our gold lookbook style.


Vintage Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT AND MIDDLE: Anna Delores Photography via Strictly Weddings; RIGHT Sarah Kate Photography via Style Me Pretty


Aren't these vintage styled table settings absolutely gorgeous? Adding your favorite sparkle pieces to a vintage theme is as easy as picking out your favorite brooch, or even wearing gran's heirloom sparkle pieces. Style this look by adding pearl elements, old china, tableware that reflects days gone by, charming lace to really make it feel vintage.

Dusty pinks, creams, ivory and gold (or copper) are excellent base colors for a vintage theme but that by no means should dictate your color choices as adding vintage elements to any color combination is quite possible and makes for a gorgeous and unique wedding. We've styled a stunning vintage pink and pearl look to give you a head start on your wedding planning.


Rustic Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: John Schnack Photography via Mod Wedding; MIDDLE: Heather Durham Photography via Weddings Unveiled Mag; RIGHT: Fairy Tale Photography via Story Board Wedding



The styling of a rustic wedding very often overlaps other wedding themes like the vintage theme, a lace theme, even a woodlands or vineyard wedding concept.  The rustic look is all about seamlessly putting countryside elements together in a way that looks wonderfully unified.

You'll often see this heartwarming wedding style hosted in a beautiful barn converted for events or outdoors. Sentimental details have a home in the rustic wedding and this style is often filled with cute DIYs and handmade objects. Adding important heirloom pieces makes this concept shine with love. 

I often think of ways to add sparkle embellishments to this theme and one of my all time favorites is the addition of an embellishment on the place setting. A pretty vintage napkin ring will match lace details while a pearl flatback will look stunning nestled in brightly colored flowers. Napkins aren't the only way to add sparkle to a rustic wedding, pretty handmade wedding favors always go down well.




Simple Elegance Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Nikki Meyer Photography via The Pretty Blog; MIDDLE: Photo by Collin Miller via Collin Cowie Weddings; RIGHT: Photo by Michael and Anna Costa Photography Courtesy of Carats & Cake via Refinery29


I've mentioned before that small details can make a huge impact and these details are absolutely important when putting together a simple but elegant wedding. Simplicity calls for taking away unnecessary details and leaving only those that really make a difference in place. Many times, simplicity in event design and decor can be reflected in the choice of a simple color palette, tableware, flower arrangments and other pretty details.


Minimal Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT AND RIGHT: Megan Robinson Photography via Style Me Pretty; MIDDLE: Peaches and Mint Photography via Wedding Sparrow;


Minimalism is another way to add simplicity to your wedding or event. I've often seen this gorgeous trend paired with other wedding trends like the industrial and modern themes. A minimal design mantra is less is more. And everything featured is an absolute asset to the concept. 


Succulent Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Apryl Anne Photography via 100 Layer Cake; MIDDLE: Briana Purser Photography via Mod Weddings; RIGHT: photo by Sylvie Becquet for Martha Stewart Weddings via My Domaine



A little while ago I covered the succulent wedding theme and I fell in love with it. Though succulents are typically non-traditional they are so gorgeous and add a beautiful new dimension to the decor, flowers, and table settings. 

Strangely, although the succulents lend a very earthy feel to the events styled with them they don't necessarily always feel natural. I often think of them as having a surreal or fantasy sort of feeling and I love that. Styling an event using these gorgeous plants is a dream as many succulents have beautiful colors that while muted, are full of depth thanks to the shading of the plant. This makes them perfect for a wide variety of uses, including the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere. 

Using succulents as wedding favors is a lovely long-lasting and low maintenance gift that guests will treasure. With the number of awesome DIYs out there this option is as budget-friendly as it is pretty and special.

Kit your succulent wedding tables out with sparkle by adding a beautiful crystal (or clear stone) embellishment to your wedding favors, napkins, and other tableware.



Geometric Wedding Table Ideas


Credits:LEFT:  Melissa Fuller Photography via 100 Layer Cake; RIGHT:  Denise Karis Photography via Boho Weddings


This awesome wedding theme has definitely made the rounds this year becoming popular amongst those who chose non-traditional or more modern weddings. It's lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing more geometric-inspired weddings in the future.

I've pictured blue and green themed geometric table settings featuring copper wire shapes here but there are a huge variety of ways to add this pretty element to your decor. From interesting tableware to accessories like geometric shaped jewelry this is really a theme that many people will remember for a long time after the wedding.


Greenery Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Hikari Photography via The Style Co; MIDDLE: Vanilla Photography via SouthBound Bride; RIGHT The Edges Wedding Photography via Mod Wedding



This is definitely one of my favorites to search for on Pinterest as there is so much wedding inspiration ranging from really earthy to super glamorous in this theme.

The greenery wedding concept is really simple as it's all about adding vegetation to your event. All those gorgeous green leaves we tend to cut off when making bouquets become an integral part of the design and concept for this look. It's a lush, deep and inspiring look. This is a florist's dream come true! Playing around with various leaf shapes, textures, types, and even colors make this theme a really fun one to put together.

The plus side is that it's not at all too earthy to add a sparkle. In fact, some of the most amazing greenery wedding themes that I've seen perfectly blend the elegance of a white wedding with the sparkle of a bling wedding and the luxury of lush greens.

In the images above you can see how wedding planners have taken the idea of adding vegetation to the wedding and developed an incredibly striking wedding reception. I absolutely adore the overhanging vegetation that makes the reception area feel totally magical.


Woodland Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Veronica Varos via Brides; MIDDLE: Jacque Lynn Photography via Hey Wedding Lady; RIGHT: Photography by Jose Villa via Emmaline Bride


Another vegetation-inspired theme is the mystical woodlands theme. This gorgeous theme is very often set in the woodlands and is full of deep romance and mystery. I love how this theme combines natural elements like moss and wooden stumps with glamor items like crystal glasses and gold cutlery. Actually, this theme reminds me a little bit of snow white and I think it would make a fantastic combination with the fairytale concept.


Industrial Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: ALL: Photos by Lara Hotz via Ruffled Blog


If you love the industrial look, you'll be happy to know that this concept is on the rise, so we'll be seeing a whole lot more of this as time goes by. The look is often characterized by concrete elements with brass or copper details. This design usually takes on a simplistic feel and is often hosted in a warehouse, or an event hall decorated to look like the interior of a warehouse.

This theme suits a city wedding to a tee and it's most certainly one that guests will always remember.


Dark Pallette Inspired Wedding Tables


Credits: LEFT: Photography by Purple Tree Photography via WedLuxe; MIDDLE: Photography by Max Wanger via Bash Please; RIGHT: Photography by Cami Parker via 100 Layer Cake



Surprisingly, a dark palette isn't as overpowering for a wedding as we once thought. Of course, a white wedding is still gorgeous but if you're the bride who wants something more daring this might just be the right option for you. I love the opulence, mystery and daring nature of a dark palette wedding. There is no doubt that guests will be treated to something completely different with this color theme.

These table settings are simply amazing, lined with dazzling gold and silver tableware that makes me think of royalty and their dinner parties we often see in movies. I love the mix of vegetation and use of fairy lights, candles and other light sources that really make the dark palette feel more magical than overwhelming.

Adding your favorite sparkle pieces to this interesting color combination and design will make it look wonderfully rich. Gold looks warm against the darker colors and adds a luxurious touch. As with all good design, it's not only about how it looks but about how it feels. A dark palette wedding is an experience and it can feel deep, exciting and romantic.



Gem Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Photography by Brooke Michelle via Shotgunning for Love Letters; MIDDLE:  Harwell Photography via Mon Cheri Bridals; RIGHT: Photography by Erin Hearts Court via 100 Layer Cake


I simply love this trend. The Gem pieces not only look fantastic, they add a little something extra to the table design. Also, these beautiful agate pieces make excellent favors for guests to take home with them. What's great about adding gem elements to your wedding is that you can decide whether to make your theme feel earthy or super glam. The agate pieces don't restrict you to a certain feel in any way and the colors are simply gorgeous. Stick to one color or choose to make your wedding bright and colorful with a variety of differenct agate colors, sizes and variations. 


Modern Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Photography by Max & Friends via 100 Layer Cake; MIDDLE:  Photography by Anneli Marinovich via B.Loved; RIGHT:  Hazelnut Photography via 100 Layer Cake


The modern wedding is quickly catching on, with many brides opting for non-traditional weddings and interesting reception ideas. With a modern twist to your wedding, there's no limit to the unique touches you can add to your wedding. Whether you prefer a clean and minimal modern look or you'd like to go for something fresh and vibrant, there's no doubt that it will be spectacular.


Beach Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Beach-themed table via Collin Cowie Weddings; MIDDLE:  Photo by Keisy and Rocky via Junebug Weddings;  RIGHT: Photo by Collin Miller via Collin Cowie Weddings


Beach weddings are incredibly versatile and despite the nature of the word "beach", aren't always hosted at the beach itself. We've seen some stunning wedding ceremonies and receptions that reflect the beach or are somehow reflective of the ocean in general. I love the care-free feeling a beach wedding very often has and the photos are always absolutely gorgeous. 

Styling a beach wedding with bling is a great way to add sparkle to an already spectacular concept. 


Monochromatic Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: Photo by Collin Miller via Collin Cowie Celebrations ; MIDDLE:  Tory Burch via Beautifully Seaside; RIGHT: Photography by Kortnee Kate Photography via Inside Weddings



Monochromatic weddings, or single color themes, are so striking and look incredibly elegant. The mono color palette often uses shades of a color or small spots of color to add depth and dimension to the theme. To make this idea come to life and in order for it to be really successful, consider playing around with a variety of textures. This will help the design to stand out and not feel flat.

Sparkle fits in well with most, if not all, monochromatic color choices and looks great in the decor. I suggest choosing an embellishment that works seamlessly with the color you've chosen so that it doesn't necessarily stand out but rather enhances the monochromatic theme. 

For example, if you're using a warm color along with its tints and shades, consider using gold or pearl embellishments. However, If you're using a cooler color, silver would look fantastic nestled in the design of your tableware.

I love how a monochromatic wedding can be whatever you want it to be depending on the styling. For example, two white monochromatic weddings can look and feel completely different with the one leaning more towards a classic styling while the other has a modern and minimal feel to it.  



Bohemian Inspired Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT:  Photography by Delbarr Moradi via Green Wedding Shoes; MIDDLE: Michelle Chiu Photography via Ruffled Blog; RIGHT: Meghan Elise Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


Another huge trend this year was (and still is) the bohemain theme. This free-spirited, wild at heart concept is simply divine and is best characterised by beautifully mismatched design elements, flower-lined tables, gorgeous open wedding gowns with sparkle, pearls, lace, pretty tassles and bare feet. Not always, but I must admit, I love the idea of being barefoot with flowers covering my ankles at a wedding. The secret of the boho bride is that her soul guides the wedding design.


Fruit Wedding Table Ideas


Credits: LEFT: The Party Society; MIDDLE:  Justina Blakeney at The Jungalow; RIGHT: Julia Winkler Photography and Frieda Theres Wedding Blog via Burnett's Boards 


So if you're looking for a unique table setting that is both lush and signifies abundance, try adding hints of fruit to your centerpieces or floral arrangements. This is a great idea and it looks so beautiful. I've also seen some gorgeous wedding bouquets filled out with fruit. Love this idea.

This is just a handful of stunning tablescapes, there are many more that I would have absolutely loved to include in this post and will certainly be doing another table setting inspiration posts in the future.


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