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DIY Wedding Bouquet Band with Bling

July 22, 2016 3 min read

DIY Wedding Bouquet Band with Bling

Make these stunning napkin rings yourself.

This may be a simple tutorial but this DIY wedding bouquet band can add so much life to something so important.

One of the most prominent focal points in a wedding is the wedding bouquet. Your wedding bouquet will spend just about every hour of your wedding day in your hands, being admired, and being photographed. If you’re a traditionalist, it will end its day in the hands of a lucky bride-to-be, so it’s important that it looks great. We spend a lot of time, money and effort picking out the right flowers and ensuring that the arrangement is perfect so that it really reflects our character and looks perfect on wedding photos.

I’m a big fan of easy DIY tutorials because I know that every second counts when you’re planning a big event and every second spent unnecessarily adds up in the long run. True, if you’re planning an intimate event and you only need to spend a few minutes on your project it really doesn’t matter but the seconds tally up pretty quickly when you’re planning an event for 50+ people. This tutorial showcases just how easy it is to create a stunning DIY wedding bouquet band in a matter of seconds. As an added bonus, it’s really quite cost-effective and you can embellish the band in so many different ways.




In order to make your DIY wedding bouquet band you’ll need:

DIY Wedding Bouquet Band


  • Your wedding bouquet. The good news is that it takes under a minute to make
  • A length of Rhinestone Mesh (we sometimes call it Bling-On-A-Roll)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue gun, glue dots or E-6000. This really depends on you. I prefer working with the glue gun for ease of use.


Alternating the width of the band will give you a different look and feel. Play around and find the best option for you. I’ve simply created a big band but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use two, three or even four smaller bands. You could cover the entire length of your wedding bouquet band, or you could use a single strip with a brooch embellishment or two.



Quick inspiration:

DIY Wedding Bouquet
  • Although white ribbon is most often used for a flower bouquet band, there’s no reason you HAVE to stick to white. Choose a color that suits your wedding bouquet. Ivory, champagne, cream, pastel colors and light metallic colors all work really well.
  • Add a rhinestone brooch to your DIY wedding bouquet band to add dimension to your wedding bouquet. One of my personal favorites is the Flower Rhinestone and Pearl Brooch as it goes very well with a number of flower arrangements and bouquet designs.
  • Tie the finer details in by adding décor elements using a similar style as your wedding band. Candle holders, table runners, table number frames and so many other décor elements can be made in a matter of minutes using the same tutorial.


There’s no end to how you can customize your DIY wedding bouquet band with the Rhinestone Mesh, so have fun, enjoy making this important aspect of your wedding day yours in every way with this very personal and quick wedding DIY.

We’d really love to see your DIY wedding bouquet projects, if you’d like to share them with us, don’t forget to use the #totallydazzled hashtag



DIY Wedding Bouquet BlingDIY Wedding Bouquet Brooch

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