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Gold and White Wedding Inspiration

August 12, 2021 2 min read

gold wedding tips

Charming in gold and white 

This duo is one of my all time favorite combinations. There's something extremely charming about a gold and white wedding and I absolutely adore the elegant feel this color combination adds to an event. Whether your event is an intimate affair or absolutely grand, decking it out in white and gold is sure to add a whole lot of glamor to the mix.

gold and white wedding

Credits: Flower girl: Amy Arrington Photography via Style Me Pretty; cake: Simply Sarah Photography via Style Me Pretty; Table setting: Photography by Lindsay Madden via Style Me Pretty; Amy Arrington Photography via Style Me Pretty; Wedding Shoes: Brautsalon Flossman via Style Me Pretty.

It's not just the metallic sparkle that I love, it's also the warmth that gold adds to a white color palette. I've recently seen a variety of beautiful gold and white wedding combinations and I have to say, all of them stand out to me as being absolutely perfect. Whether you are planning on adding only a few hints of gold to an elegant white wedding, or whether you're matching the gold for white equally in your event design, there is no doubt it will have a sophisticated feel. 

As we've seen over the last year or two, the face of weddings are changing somewhat and more brides are moving over to the modern wedding. New ideas and traditions are being formed while old traditions are being adapted. I guess that's what I love about a white and gold wedding too. There are countless ways to make this color combination come alive and it's perfect for both the traditional and modern wedding. It's fair to say that it even fuses the traditional with the modern in certain ways.

I also love the many creative ways in which gold is used in wedding and event design. One of my favorites is the addition of gold foil in wedding stationery and on cakes. It's hard to resist a wedding cake lined with gold foil plus it looks amazing in photos. gold foil is not the only creative addition to a wedding, gold glittery DIYs have also become popular and can look stunning when used for favors, tableware, bride's and groom's champagne glasses and even cutlery.

Actually, as William Arthur said; "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it..." 

And I can imagine a gloriously gold and white wedding celebration with plenty of sparkle to go around. 

Bridal bouquets in gold look very set against a beautiful flowing white wedding gown. I can't think of anything more memorable than a gold wedding bouquet. A few of my favorite ideas include white flowers with gold tips, which are often applied with special spray paint. Adding a beautiful satin gold ribbon to your wedding band or creating full wedding bouquets with gold rhinestone embellishments is another option for the bride who loves a warm sparkle.


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