Melanie Turner Chair Decor Tutorial November 27 2016

Beautiful chair decor options that are perfect for any event

Melanie Turner Living Luxuriously For Less Chair Decor Tutorial

Chair decor is a big part of setting the atmosphere at the table. Even though it's a smaller detail when compared to some of the other important decor items, it's a detail that can make all the difference to a table setting and can add elegance to each place setting. 

Melanie Turner from Living Luxuriously For Less shares 3 absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly easy chair decor ideas using a lovely satin ivory sash and one of our chair buckles, which will be available to purchase soon on This tutorial was part of the Living Luxuriously for Less #Fallseries and we covered the entire Fall Tablescape on our blog just recently in which Melanie also shows us how to fold beautiful Fall-inspired napkins.

The chair sash and the beautiful rhinestone buckle look spectacular together and suit the table setting perfectly, adding a whole lot of sparkle to an already amazing design. What I really love about the three chair decor tutorials showcased here is that Melanie creates non-traditional looks and they still look incredibly elegant, perfect for a special occasion. They're also super easy to achieve and no glue or special sewing skills are required as each one simply makes use of a pretty hand-tied method and the addition of the buckle. 

If you're a little unsure, don't worry, the video is clear and Melanie walks you through each step clearly.





Although this video showcases ideas from the Fall living series, these tutorials and designs are great for weddings, events and, of course, home decor too. 


The Bow

Melanie Turner Living Luxuriously For Less Chair Decor The Bow

This beautiful chair design is a slight twist on the bow that we usually see on chairs. I love how it looks and that it gives a little character to the chair design but still looks wonderfully classy. The big buckles finish this look off perfectly. Actually, this chair sash fold would be great for (but not limited to, of course,) a girl's glamor birthday party or baby shower.


The Side Tie

Melanie Turner Living Luxuriously For Less Chair Decor The Side Tie

The side tie feels a little more masculine to me (is it just me?). This easy-to-tie design looks great and if you've got interesting or pretty chair backs that you'd still like to show, this would be a great fold.


The Wrap

Melanie Turner Living Luxuriously For Less Chair Decor the Wrap

This is another awesome and really simple chair sash. I love that these sashes are so easy to re-use, meaning that you could change up the looks simply by tying it in a different way or by using a different buckle or brooch.


Melanie has tons of amazing tutorials and inspiration for home and event decor that shouldn't be missed. Take a look at her amazing work or connect with her on any of her social media platforms here: Facebook; Google+; her Blog and Instagram and her Youtube Channel.