Greenery Wedding Theme and Color Inspiration May 19 2016

Greenery is luxurious and real

I’ll admit, when I first read the words “greenery wedding theme”, my mind was filled with images of Christmas green or lime green table clothes and bridesmaids dresses. Not very creative, true, but that’s about the whole truth of it. I was so glad that this wasn’t the case and when I actually saw the first few images, I fell in love with the theme. Greenery isn’t just about color, it’s about leaves, plants, a variety of textures and a dash of elegance.

It didn’t take me long to get pinning like crazy and before I knew it I had a whole stash of valuable inspiration pins, which will now fuel this article. This is another one of those ideas where brides can totally inject their character into the finer details. And that’s what I like most about this gorgeous wedding theme - the fact that it can be both glamorous and real. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite bling pieces to the ensemble, like this Diamante Leaf Feather Brooch. The contrasting textures and elements will look gorgeous as we’ve seen in some of the pictured greenery weddings.

There are actually a number of things that go into pulling off a good green theme and surprisingly, the shade of green is not one of them (as the Pinterest board will demonstrate). It seems that rather it’s the contrast between white and green, textures of smooth and luxurious vs earthy and rough, and a few key elements to tie your overall wedding décor together. The best part is that even though this lovely theme is quite natural, there are still plenty of opportunities to add in a bit of bling here and there (for those of you who can’t resist). Adding hints of vintage or rustic to this theme can prove to be very successful and it’s so easy to do. Adding a simple Flower Rhinestone Napkin Ring can transform your table settings and add sparkle to your natural theme.

Greenery, to me, is feminine but strong. There’s something so gentle about this theme and at the same time it’s not whimsical or airy at all, it’s actually quite stable. Plus, as the tons of greenery wedding images clearly show, your wedding pics will be stunning.

Pairing the green with an elegant white feel literally transforms a wedding and I love the leaf elements. As a bride, you could really choose your favorite pieces of greenery and perhaps even add a bit of your favorite childhood garden to the memorable day.  


By now you would have come across some greenery wedding theme images on Pinterest or in wedding blogs and to be fair images are really the best way to experience this theme. There’s so little that I can really say that will do justice to just how lovely the greenery theme is.


Photo Credit:

Wedding entrance: photography by Heather Waraska, via Grey Likes Weddings; wreath: photography by Rylee Hitchner, via Oncewed; palette box arrangement and bouquet of flowers: Meghan Mehan Photography via Grey Likes Weddings; Table setting: Lacie Hansen via Grey Likes Weddings; photography by Judy Pak Photography via Grey Likes Weddings; dress: Frankie by Made with Love Bridal


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