Lace Wedding Theme Inspiration June 21 2016

Lovely lace has so much grace

There’s something totally mesmerizing about the Lace wedding theme. It’s glamorous, feminine and so incredibly beautiful. There’s no shortage of “wow” in this amazing wedding theme and the options are endless, literally. From fine lace details to handcrafted lace elements, a lace wedding is unbelievably gorgeous.

Now, I know there’s a lot of you who might be imagining your gran’s lacy night frill and thinking: “Nope, that’s just not for me” but give it a try. We’ve seen some gorgeous lace wedding dress trends hit the wedding scene in 2016 and the shoes are to die for. The great thing about lace is whether you chose to make it immediately noticeable, or use it as a supporting element in your design (for example, a lovely vintage wedding sporting a few lace details); it’s bound to be a stunner.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Lace is one of the prettiest wedding themes to grace the 2016 lookbooks. And because it fits in almost anywhere it means that you can add lace, or hints of it, to your current chosen wedding theme. Just a quick browse through any one of the lace Pinterest boards will show you a host of ideas that fit well with a top of the range elegant white wedding right down to a comfortable beach wedding.

In short, lace is extendable, reusable, and it creates a lovely finished look to your projects while adding a very special touch. If you’re fond of a bit of lace, there’s almost no doubt you’ll be looking for ways to add it to your wedding, or special event after taking a look at our
Pinterest lace pics. Another great aspect of this theme is that Lace is actually not that expensive depending on the type of lace you purchase, in this case, a little lace really does go a long way. You can add it to any number of wedding items. Invitations look stunning with a lace ribbon wrapped around the wedding invitation suite, add an Antique Starburst Rhinestone Brooch and you’ve got a simple but gorgeous event invitation that could really suit a number of occasions, not just weddings.


Photo Credit:

Wedding Cake: Megan Clemence Photography via Arkansas Bride; Wedding Gown: by Designer Anna Campbell; Shoes: Jacqueline Dallimore Photography via Tulle and Chantilly; Flower Girls: Photography by Little Miss Creative; Jewelry: Minimal VS Etsy Store; Invitations: Love4Polkadots via Dear Pearl Flowers


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