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20 Glam Thanksgiving Tables on Instagram

November 24, 2016 7 min read

thanksgiving table setting

Imagine spending Thanksgiving seated at one of these beautiful tables

Sitting down to a lovingly crafted (and very often, lovingly crafted days in advance) Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most special moments of the year. In this time, friends and families take stock of the past year and give thanks for all the wonderful moments as well as for those still on their way.

This post shows only 20 out of the countless tablescapes on Instagram that are really worth showcasing. These glam tablescapes are elegant, pretty, jovial, and really capture the heart of Thanksgiving.


Modern, Minimalist, White and Metallic


This beautiful minimal table setting may have simple details but it's definitely not lacking in glam. The almost monochromatic color palette is absolutely gorgeous and those gold details tie everything in this place setting together. A touch of sparkle in between those gold leaves would look absolutely gorgeous.


Gorgeous In Gold

A photo posted by Katrina (@katrinaascott) on


This lovely warm and homely table setting is another perfect blend of comfortable living with a touch of glamor. The gold details in this image aren't the focal point of the table setting, however, these fine details bring it all together very nicely adding just the right touch of luxury to this gorgeous dinner table. No doubt the guests seated at this table will be enjoying their time.


Glitter Love


The glitter table runner in this table setting caught my eye and it looks absolutely lovely paired with those gold pumpkins. This table reminds me a bit of Cinderella whose story is also about humility, grace, and gratitude and I thought it would make an excellent choice for a kids' Thanksgiving table. 


Thankful for Silver Sparkle

A photo posted by Linda (@lindathompsonaz) on


You know I'm always happy when it comes to all things glitter and this table setting is decked out in abundant silver sparkle with glitter pumpkins and all. I love the white and silver take on the Thanksgiving tablescape as it feels a little different from the colors we usually see during this time of the year, offering a unique take on the glam Thanksgiving celebration.


Rustic Metallic Glam


Glam table settings can be glamorous for a number of reasons and this one, while natural feels wonderfully luxe to me. I love those tall white candles in between the thick centerpiece. Marrying the rustic look with a glam feel is actually pretty simple. Adding a rhinestone embellishment or two to the candles is all it takes to give your rustic table setting some sparkle.


Beautiful Country Living

A photo posted by the ARK (@theark_) on


The color combination in this pic has me swooning over the gorgeous table setting. I love the fall color combination here. It's not too orange, not too brown but just right. It feels like it would be quite a comfortable table to be seated at and so enjoyable to look at.


Living Luxuriously in the Fall


We were so lucky to have Melanie Turner from Living Luxuriously for Less share her Fall tablescape and napkin tutorial with us on the blog earlier this month. This is another look at that gorgeous table setting she put together and showed us in the video. This really does feel quite luxurious and still very intimate, perfect for Thanksgiving.


Absolutely Stunning In Silver


I am in love with this tablescape and, honestly, I feel it could work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This pic of the ZGallerie shared on Living Luxuriously For Less's Instagram is 100% perfection.


Glam, Glitter, Sparkle


This pretty table would look great for a wedding or event, including Thanksgiving. It's not set with the usual Thanksgiving goodies but it looks beautiful and it's entirely possible to add your bit of Thanksgiving flair to each place setting. A personalized name tag, a numbered sheet so that each guest can write what they're most grateful for, or simply adding a beautiful napkin ring will make your Thanksgiving tables special.


White, Green, and Silver


This is a great example of a luxurious table. I love the addition of the green pears with the silver and gold details. It feels like sitting down at this table would be sitting down to a feast after an abundant harvest or a good year which, in essence, is exactly what Thanksgiving is all about. 


Pink and Peach


At Home in Arkansas posted inspiration for a pink and peach holiday table designed by Kevin Walsh, owner of Bear Hill and it's amazing. I could sit for hours at a table like that enjoying good food, the sunshine through those glorious windows, and the love and company of my family. From the detail on the plates to the sparkling chandelier, this entire room is perfection.


Rich Abundance


There's a lovely comfortable, intimate and informal feel to this vibrant table. I love the purple hues of the flowers and pomegranates on this table setting and can imagine a gold brooch embellishment nestled in between those flowers to match the gold rim of the charger, the cutlery, and the glasses.


Simple Elegance


An understated elegance makes this setting absolutely perfect for a small Thanksgiving dinner. The candles give off a warmth that lights up the table and makes it feel special. Add a touch of love to your table setting by personalizing each place setting. If you plan on using name cards, why not pin them to the napkins you'll be placing on the table using a rhinestone brooch?


A Warm Thanksgiving Celebration 


This table setting has all the right trimmings and that's why it made it onto this glam Thanksgiving list. From the warm color palette to the gorgeous shimmering glasses with gold tips, this is a beautiful table setting. I love the idea of a circular Thanksgiving table as it makes it so much easier to keep the conversation flowing easily between everyone.


Perfect Intimate Get-Together



Love the use of a limited color palette a here with the highlights of fruit on the table. Setting an intimate Thanksgiving table can seem a little overwhelming especially if it's just for a handful of people and you'd still like to keep the glam look without making the table feel too heavy. This table setting has achieved just that.


Keeping it Traditional

A photo posted by Tina (@theenchantedhome) on



Keep things traditional with stylish decor that has a little bit of old-world charm to it. Add some sparkle by adding a napkin to each place setting with a pretty napkin ring. 


Two Holidays in One

A photo posted by Kimlay (@lushlotushome) on


Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you don't have time to decorate for both this year and you want something spectacular that will look great for both special holidays, then consider creating a Thanksgiving tablescape where simply adding a few key items could make it feel more like Christmas. I would add a hint of red or two to the table to give it that notable Christmass feel.


Time To Reflect 


The mirror detail on this table is absolutely perfect and it goes a long way in enhancing the sparkle and wow factor for this table setting. It also creates the illusion of space and depth, giving this table an extra dimension or two. 


Striking Silverware


White, silver and a hint of burnt orange make for a lovely mix in this table setting. The strong details give the tablescape a very stylized look and it has an old-world feel to me. All in all, it's a unique and beautiful table setting.


Pewter Brilliance


This table setting with crystal glasses and silverware uses striking details and illustration to convey the theme of Thanksgiving. It's unique and I haven't seen many table settings like this one specifically for Thanksgiving so I'm glad I came across it as it adds lovely variation to the mix.

Have a wonderful time with your families this weekend. Treasure every moment and experience that you have together, we have so much to be thankful for. Find more glam Thanksgiving inspiration here.


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