Coral and Aqua Wedding Inspiration April 20 2017

Coral and Aqua - a stunningly fresh color combination for a spring wedding

I am thoroughly enjoying the colorful wedding trends that Spring has offered us so far. I've always been delightfully happy at this time of year when everything feels so fresh, alive, and new. Of course, every season has it's wedding trends advantages. A winter wedding is all about the close romantic bond of your big day while a summer wedding is exciting, possibly hosted as a beach wedding. A Fall wedding is just as colorful as a Spring wedding and can be the perfect crossover for those who aren't fond of weather that is too hot or too cold.

The Coral and Aqua combination is most certainly an inspiring mix. These colors side by side inspire feelings of joy and harmony. We know color plays a vital role in the way we see and interact with the world. So much so that it is the basis for advertising and can steer the decisions we make. I feel it's equally important to choose colors for your wedding that you not only love but a color that brings out emotions in you that are positive, harmonious, and peaceful. 

Totally Dazzled Coral and Aqua Wedding Inspiration

Credits: Spring comb: Jewelsalem; Groom: George Street Video and Photo; Golden Starfish: Totally Dazzled; Flowers in blue vase: Theo Milo Photography via Style Me Pretty; Table Setting: co-producer, concept creator and stylist Laura and Co / co-producer concept creator and stylist floral and decor design Rachel A. Clingen; Bouquet: Amanda Thomas Photography via Magnolia Rouge.

The coral and aqua theme is for the bride who loves a light and airy wedding. Dressing this color combination up is entirely possible but it's also a great mixture for a semi-formal and floral wedding if that's what you prefer. I picture these colors used for a light-hearted beach wedding with plenty of laughter to go around.

Using high contrasting colorful florals in your bouquets and table arrangements can add a whole lot of fun to the overall design and it's a gorgeous way of adding dimension. Adding a few sparkle pieces to your bouquets or vases can also enhance the colors you've chosen and just add that extra special touch. The gold crystal starfish brooch shown in the collage above was featured as one of the beach-themed sparkle pieces used in the coral style from our 2016 lookbook. the brooches are great for a number of projects and are so easy to use on fabric-based projects as you simply have to apply them, no glue needed. The crystal starfish brooch also comes in silver for those of you who prefer that look.

Spring 2017 has brought us many colorful wedding trends and I can't wait to explore even more as we head into summer soon too. The transition that these wedding trends go through are inspiring and I love how each season has its own set of details that make it special. 

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