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Winter Wedding Inspiration

October 27, 2016 3 min read

winter wedding theme

What can be warmer than a romantic winter wedding?

It's the time of the year again when things are cooling down and we can start expecting Thanksgiving and Christmas gear in stores all around us. It's also the time of year where hot chocolate and pumpkins are in great demand and warm winter wraps line our fashion collection. That's why I thought to put together a little bit of warm winter wedding inspiration for all of those who love the romance of snuggling close together by the fire.

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Credits: Bride and Hanging Lanterns: via Snapknot; Shoes: Carmen and Ingo Photography via The Pretty Blog; Bouquet: Beax Arts Photography; Table: Photography by Brittany Wood via Jenni Kayne


To start this post, I wanted to note that limiting a winter wedding to 6 images was extremely difficult as there are so many amazing ideas, DIYs and options for winter weddings but to keep things simple I decided to stick to a neutral color palette. I love the warmth the neutral colors add to overall design and the option to add a spot of color here and there is always open. So with that said, I really want you to keep in mind that a winter wedding has countless options and color combinations and no doubt I'll be covering a few more of those stunning combinations before the season is out.

If you're in an area where there's snow through winter, or you're planning on hosting your winter weather in a snowy area then you already know you'll need to prepare ahead for the cold. This is, for me, one of the greatest features of a winter theme as it allows for some pretty creative ideas to take form. 

For example, wedding favors can be doubled up as functional reception ideas. Roll a fleece blanket up for each of your guests (or one for each couple - whichever you decide) and wrap a ribbon with a winter-themed buckle, brooch or flat back like the diamante snowflake flat back as a simple and easy wedding favor DIY packaging option. Your guests will be warm and get to take home a fantastic wedding favor with a touch of sparkle. 

Wedding Favor Packaging DIY 





What's really great about the winter wedding is that there are tons of ways to spice things up. A hot chocolate stand is a great reception idea for a cosy and intimate wedding. Wearing your favorite boots, or fleece lined boots under your dress can relieve some of the cold. Adding winter-themed bling to your table settings, decor, and flower decorations can also further communicate the winter theme.

Another great way to get into the concept is to play with contrasting textures. Soft textures in fabric can create warmth and depth while the cold textures play a role in communicating winter. For example, using a suede or mock suede ribbon with a rhinestone buckle would create the perfect winter feeling.

Choosing a warm color palette for your winter wedding will go a long way in making your design and decor feel intimate as opposed to cold. Neutral colors mixed with one or two shades of warm, deep colors are a good idea. If you want to use a cooler color like a blue in your design but you don't necessarily want it to feel too cold, try using ivory and beige instead of stark white as a base color. This way the blue will feel a little warmer. 



Why not try one of these for your winter wedding?























I've pinned some of my favorite ideas to get the ball rolling, come join me in Pinterest to see some of the best winter wedding ideas and DIYs.

Take a look at our Winter Wedding board



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