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Fall Wedding Inspiration

September 08, 2016 2 min read

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Warmth and depth are what makes the perfect fall wedding come together

It's coming around to that time of year again and the leaves are starting to brown and the bright summer sun is starting to make way for the more subtle autumn skies. I love this time of year, although, I know it's actually a bittersweet time. Winter is around the corner and while it definitely has it's perks, not everyone enjoys the icy cold. The good news is that no matter what time of the year, you can host a truly spectacular wedding suited to the season.


I'm so excited to share the stunning fall inspiration with you all. There's a ton of excellent and inspiring fall wedding ideas over on the Totally Dazzled Pinterest page that will make your fall wedding something all your guests will chatter about. 

Firstly, the most important thing to remember about a fall wedding is that you want to create a warm combination of colors and textures. It is not quite winter yet, so we're not ready to bring out the faux furs and the the gorgeous warm boots I've seen some brides opt for in winter weddings but with just the right color combination, you can create the illusion of warmth and give your wedding a glorious depth. 

Right now, burnt oranges (along with the warmer, darker shades of orange), deep purples or burgundy to be exact, and even warm earthy tones are perfect for a fall wedding. There are some great examples of striking color combinations that are absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites is the navy and orange combination. These two colors not necessarily the shades you would typically put together but something about this combination is just great, particularly if the orange is more burnt and shades of yellow, beige and even hints of metallic are used throughout the concept.


Metallic colors are also a great way to add some depth to a fall wedding. Consider Copper, Gold or Rose Gold infused with hints of White Gold for an extra sophisticated feel. 

There's a lot going on in a fall wedding and sometimes the best way to add a bit of sparkle is to do so in a simple way. The Gold Rhinestone Rectangle Buckle is the perfect buckle slide to use if you'd just like to add hints of gold to your fall wedding design. If you prefer a circular shape, try the Gold Rhinestone Circle Buckle.

Actually, the ideas, themes, and inspiration drawn from the fall wedding theme can be adapted and applied to a fall themed event as well, making for a lovely way to celebrate a birthday, a school dance and so much more.


As always, have fun browsing the inspiration board and putting together your perfect wedding.

Photo Credit:

Bouquet: Rachel Peters Photography; Caramel Apples: Evermine; Leaves: Tulle and Chantilly (image found on Pinterest); Jewels and Feathers; Place Setting photography by c.m.elle Studios via Strictly Weddings; Table Number: Luxury Wedding Invitation; Tux Napkin: Mariela Campbell Photography via FriarTux; Shoes: Emmy’s Shoes via Love My Dress

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