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2016 Lookbook Winter Blue

December 10, 2016 5 min read

2016 Lookbook Winter Blue

Winter wedding, Christmas and event decor inspiration from our 2016 lookbook

Winter weddings, Christmas celebrations, snowfall, and warm company. It's an exciting time of the year. I know that everyone wants to make this the best Christmas ever, topping last year's celebration and ensuring that guests are happy and feel a sense of loving comfort while spending time at your dinner table. So we've put together a look inspired by the winter weather and sparkling snowflakes that we're sure you will love.

The winter blue style is one of 8 from our very first lookbook that we launched earlier this year with the help of the wonderful and talented ladies from Distinct Occasions. We were so blessed to be able to work together and it was a fantastic experience, we just can't wait to start planning our next lookbook.


Credits: Totally Dazzled 2016 Lookbook 


This beautiful style makes use of a striking blue and silver color palette. It's perfect for a winter-themed event or wedding and it has lots of sparkle in it. Just the way we all like it! Hope you all enjoy the inspiration and feel free to connect with us on our various social media pages to have your say. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. I haven't covered our lookbook on Youtube yet, but those tutorials are coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our other awesome tutorials.


A Striking Winter Blue Tablescape

Table Set Up A beautiful blue and silver Christmas or wedding tablescape, bound to turn heads.


This table setting is one I'd certainly love to be seated at. Although the blue has a cold feel to it, the design doesn't feel uninviting at all. We used the rhinestone mesh trim to cover the tall vases, take a look at the bling vases with rhinestone mesh tutorial to see how to make your own. We topped the table setting off with a diamante snowflake napkin ring to add that extra bit of winter sparkle.


Beautiful Blue And Silver Place Setting

Plate and Table Napkin Set Up

Stunning in silver, this snowflake napkin ring is the perfect finish to a beautiful winter themed place setting.


The place setting is such an important part of table decor as it's the part that your guests will interact with directly for most of the event. You can make this as personal as you want to. We created three different place settings, each showing a different decor option for arranging your goodies. For this one, we simply added a napkin with a silver sheen and the pretty diamante snowflake napkin ring. It's simple but elegant.


A Wedding Favor That Sparkles

Winter Blue Style 2A pretty silver snowflake transforms this wedding favor into a stunning matching item. 


This place setting puts the focus on the wedding favor. We haven't personalized this wedding favor but it's a great idea to add a special touch like a name, a verse or a quote that you know the guest will relate to. We embellished this favor with the diamante snowflake flat back. The flat backs are great to work with as all you need is a dab of glue to hold it in place making them super easy to add to a variety of projects this way.


A Silver and Grey Winter Themed Menu Place Card

Winter Blue Look Book set Up

Using rhinestone pieces to enhance the design is an excellent idea. 


Here's the third place setting we created. This is also a popular choice as it shows the food options for guests in a stylish way. We chose a beautiful silver snowflake patterned paper and used two very elegant font choices to give it a sophisticated look. Well-paired fonts will give your wedding suite a seamless look and will help to communicate the look and feel of your design. To top it off, we simply glued the christmas rhinestone flat back to the snowflake pattern, this simple step gave it so much depth.


A Simple White Wedding Guest Book Enhanced With Silver Snowflakes

Winter Blue Events A wedding guest log everyone will want to write in.


There are so many ways to encourage guests to leave a special note for you. One of those ways is to use a guest book. I love this idea as it keeps your notes organized and it's an amazing feeling paging through the log even years after your wedding. Whether you'll be encouraging guests to leave their note in your guest book book or you've made a special set of notes for each individual, creating a book to store them all in is a fantastic idea. We chose an arctic white cover that reminds me a bit of the texture of snow and we added the diamante snowflake flat back, the christmas rhinestone flat back and the smaller diamante snowflake flat back to create this look.


Elegant White Wedding Invitations

Glam Invitation Beautiful winter wedding invitations. This would look great for an event or formal celebration too.


Wedding or event invitations are the very first contact your guests will have with your special day. There's a good reason why so much time and effort goes into creating the perfect invitation. It also serves as a lovely keepsake for sentimental guests as well as yourself. I know just how pricey this step can be and it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you start putting all the planning and pieces together. We created this invitation to show you just how easy it is to design a budget-friendly invitation that is totally elegant and sparkles just like you will on your big day. We added the larger diamante snowflake flat back to this project.


An Interesting Chair Design For A Winter Theme

Winter Blue Chair Set Up It doesn't get prettier than this. The blue is so striking and the silver rhinestone snowflake tops it off perfectly.


Creating an interesting look for your chair is an excellent way of finishing the table decor off. This detail will help the table feel complete and often shows that all angles have been considered and covered. It's in the smaller details that the decor often comes alive. FWe pulled through the winter blue color used throughout the setting. The silver of the rhinestone mesh, mirrored by the diamante snowflake flat back here is just too pretty for words. This simple chair design can also be re-invented with a different color ribbon and rhinestone embellishment for other color combinations and theme choices.



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