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2016 Lookbook Purple and Silver

January 19, 2017 5 min read

2016 Lookbook Purple and Silver

Purple and silver inspiration from our 2016 lookbook

We've got gorgeous purple and silver wedding and event inspiration images to share with you today. This stunning combination not only looks great but it's gorgeously sophisticated and with a wide range of purple hues, it's very flexible.

We were so blessed to work with the fantastic Distinct Occasions team to put this lookbook together and the results were amazing. We've been sharing the lookbook images over the last few months so there is bound to be some familiar inspiration in this post if you already follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If not, head on over and join our community of bling lovers there.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Credits: Totally Dazzled 2016 Lookbook 

For this lookbook style, we decided to showcase elegant styles as well as a few relaxed bling styles. As always, the inspiration serves as a foundation and I absolutely love seeing what our customers make with their Totally Dazzled bling products. If you want to share your bling projects that use our products with us, you can do so on Instagram using the #TotallyDazzled hashtag.


A Sophisticated Menu and Place Setting

Purple and Silver Event

Give each guest a gorgeous place setting with a menu design that is both classy and sparkling.

Sparkling menu designs always look great at a place setting. These little design details not only look good but are functional too, saving space on the table and allowing your guests to be seated to something beautiful. We used the square crystal buckle slide to add sparkle to this menu design.


A Truly Glam Tablescape

Glam Table Set Up

Silver pieces are the perfect complement to a striking color like purple.

Creating magnificent tablescapes is a big part of the excitement when putting together an event or wedding. It's always one of my favorite aspects of the planning process and I can't wait to tr out new ideas and combinations. For the purple and silver style, it was a dream choosing my favorite silver bling pieces to combine in order to get the perfect look. We used the diamante flower brooches recurringly in this style as it's both pretty and versatile.


Gorgeous Table Decor and Design Elements

Sparkling Candles

This royal combination feels incredibly grand

The tableware for the purple and silver style reflects the grand look we were aiming for when putting together the project. We wanted this look to be highly reflective and we used metallic tableware to achieve that goal. Along with the diamante flower brooch, we used a large selection of our silver rhinestone pieces to create the flower bouquet.


Stunning Tablescape Ideas With An Elegant Place Setting

Purple And Silver Table Set Up

Add depth and warmth to a purple and silver color combination by adding warm neutral hues.

Depending on the hues that you choose for your event, it can feel a bit cold as silver is already a cold metallic. We chose to warm the scene up by adding a neatral color to the mix. These beige plates did the trick and added depth to the table setting all in one go.


Lovely Napkin Fold With Sparkle

Purple And Silver Event 3

A place setting like this is sure to wow your guests

The vintage diamante flower napkin ring along with the purple satin napkin adds so much glamor to this place setting. There's not much to this napkin fold but it looks amazing. With the right combination of textures, colors and bling pieces, you don't have to go to a lot of trouble to create gorgeous table settings.


A Pretty and Elegant Chair Cover

Purple Chair Cover

Add sparkling bling pieces to all the aspects of your event decor

Pulling the flower diamante brooch across to other areas of the overall design, we spruced this chair cover up a bit by adding some sparkle to it. 


A Closer Look at the Bling Detail on the Chair Cover

Purple And Silver Event 4

The diamante flower brooch is a spectacular choice for grand occasions

The great thing about using brooches for this sort of design is that you can quickly and easily add your bling details to your chair sashes with no effort at all. If you want to remove them or swap them around last minute, it's no hassle. Using brooches also allows you to keep a stock of interchangeable chair sash bling details if you host or plan many events.


Detailed Bling on a Dummy Cake


Create elaborate dummy cakes for display

Dummy cakes are fantastic for photos as you can design them just so with no worries of the icing melting, or something going wrong. They also show up well on images and are easy to transport.


Bling Details for a Dummy Cake and Brooch Bouquet

Glam Cake and Bouquet

Gorgeous dummy cake designs make everything better

Bling, anyone? If you've always wanted a bling wedding cake but aren't too sure about adding it to your edible cake, then why not make a dummy cake specifically for wedding photos?


A Closer Look at the Dummy Cake Detail

Sparkling Cake

Adding bling brooches and flatbacks to your dummy cake is a great way to add sparkle to your wedding photos

Add your favorite bling pieces and embellish your cake to showcase your character.


A Timeless Brooch Bouquet

 Glamorous Wedding Bouquet

Timeless, beautiful bling brooch bouquets are a stunning alternative to the traditional bouquet.

I'll admit, I'm in love with brooch bouquets. I'm a bling girl all the way but I'm also sentimental and I simply love the idea of adding a few heirloom pieces to a wedding bouquet. As much as I adore fresh flowers, I also like having the ability to preserve my special moments in unique ways. A brooch bouquet will never wilt and can remain as a bouquet for as long as you would like it to. 


A Pretty, Elegant Ring Bearer Pillow

Purple and Silvent Event 2

You can DIY ring bearer pillows like this yourself with a bit of bling.

This was featured in our 1 minute DIY post some time ago as it was an incredibly quick and easy DIY to put together. These pretty ring bearer pillows don't necessarily need sewing skills, either. With a few crafty tying techniques or a bit of strong glue, you've got a stunning ring bearer pillow that will look great making its way down the isle in your designated ring bearers hands.


Gorgeous Bling For A Bridesmaid's Dress

Purple and Silver Event 1

Add bling to your bridesmaids' wedding wear for that extra special look

A super simple way to add glamor to your bridesmaids' dresses. It's as easy as simply pinning your favorite brooches to the dresses. No glue, no mess, and limitless options. 

We used the diamante flower brooches as well as the ornate flower brooch for the special touches on this dress.


A Different Take On The Boutonnière


A bling boutonniere for the groom? Why not!

Who says bling is just for women? Make striking boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen with a silver and pearl flower button or a selection of smaller buttons arranged to look like a flower.


A Bling-Infused Wedding Bouquet

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquets with a touch of pearl and silver

We showcased the gorgeous silver bouquet but we also wanted to showcase just how beautiful fresh flowers can look with a few pieces of bling added to the bouquet. Here we chose silver and pearl pieces to complement the warmth of the flowers. These particular pieces are not yet available on our online store but they will be very soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they are absolutely stunning!


Shop The Products Used In The White and Blue Style






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