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20 Must See Christmas Tablescapes on Instagram

December 20, 2016 6 min read

20 Must See Christmas Tablescapes on Instagram

Christmas tablescape inspiration from posters across Instagram.

It's Christmas tablescape inspiration time and I've handpicked a few (yes, only 20) of my favorite table settings across Instagram. I've tried to be as diverse as possible as I know we all have different tastes and style preferences, however, all of these tablescapes are 100% glamorous.

Golden Lights


The use of tea candles on this tablescape is absolutely stunning when combined with the gold colors. It creates a warm and gentle feel. The color palette is lovely and although the blue and the gray are slightly cool, the warmth of the gold and tea lights make it a warmer experience.


Absolute Elegance

A photo posted by Linda L. (@incaslinbracelets) on


For those who prefer a touch of elegance, this look is exactly that. Although there isn't too much sparkle in this scene, it's entirely possible to add your favorite sparkle pieces to a table setting like this. Silver napkin rings and brooches would look amazing on pure white napkins like these.


A White Christmas


I am in love with these fluffy white Christmas tree decor pieces. They look so luxurious and soft to the touch. Paired with silver elements, this table setting is complete and has a white Christmas feel to it out and out.


Homely In Neutrals


There's something very inviting about this table setting. This feels totally homely to me and I love the knitted chair covers. This winter scene has so much character and I'm sure guests will love running their fingers through that table runner (I know I would!)


Fashionably Glamorous

A photo posted by @antonijevic_ on


Ok, so the person seated at the chandelier end of this table might not enjoy the evening as much as the others, however, I still added this image in because the color combination and use of metallics as highlight colors drew me in. This is an absolutely glam table setting (minus the fallen chandelier, of course).


Gold and White Sophistication

A photo posted by Christmaholic (@christmaholic) on


the use of simple geometric stars here is wonderful. It's always nice to see a different take on the Holiday season. Just as we've seen geometric shapes hit the wedding scene this year, it looks as if it's filtered over into the holidays too and I love it!


Gorgeous High-Class Family Christmas Table


This is what a flawless Christmas tablescape looks like, to me at least. Like something out of a catalog, this Christmas table setting is bound to make guests stop and take a moment to enjoy the scene before sitting down. The elegance and the use of red and gold here and there makes this white table setting feel warm.


Pretty Metallic Reindeers

A photo posted by Haneen (@haneens_haven) on


When I wrote about Thanksgiving tablescapes found on Instagram, we saw a large number of metallic and glitter table decorations, many of which were pumpkins. For Christmas, the obvious choice is the reindeer and Christmas tree. These decorations can add a whole lot of sparkle to your table, even if it's a simple setting.


Gold and White DIY Tablescape


DIY tableware and decor elements give a lovely handmade feel to the setting. Plus, it's a pretty and inexpensive way to decorate your table,especially if you have a large table to decorate with goodies. These brown paper bags with white paint are so simple but the look absolutely fantastic on the table. And, are those white coke bottles I see? Now, if you've seen some of the traditional coca cola advertisements, you'll know that this just feels right...Like a scene from one of those ads. Love it.


Warm Luxury


There is so much beauty at this table. I love the use of soft pink and a pink-undertoned orange here. Absolutely gorgeous. These pinks would pair exceptionally well with rose gold, copper and gold pieces.


A Metallic and White Christmas Tablescape


This glam table setting feels fresh. I can almost feel the winter breeze blowing from one end to the table. The creator of this table has been able to take cold elements and create a spectacular setting that, while still cold, is not at all uninviting. I would definitely love to be seated at a sparkling table like this.


A Sparkling Christmas Table


Here's another take on a table full of sparkle. The rose gold glitter reindeer and candles are just perfect. This is another DIY table setting that could be quite budget friendly.


Striking Metallic and Charcoal Christmas Color Palette

A photo posted by Sue Purdy (@apurdylittlehouse) on


It's unusual to see something this color combination, though, it's absolutely gorgeous. I will say that it has a more manly feel to me and has less of the frills and extra bits. The color of the table plays a huge part in making this table setting a success. The gold chargers set against the matt charcoal table is so striking.


Heading 14


Gatsby Christmas anyone? If you love the flair and glitter of the gatsby theme then perhaps a gatsby Christmas is in order? This color combination isn't as daring as the black and gold combination often used for gatsby events but it still looks great. Anyone notice the interesting design of the cutlery?


A Snowfall Inspired Christmas Table

A photo posted by Brynne (@painttheworldwhite) on


Paint the world white aptly posted this all white tablescape. It's so simple but feels rich at the same time. The fluffy white table runner is a favorite, I will admit. I would definitely add some more gold to this setting. A brooch or flatback simply placed on the plates would look great. Perhaps a gold brooch with a name tag attached to the back.


Quaint Christmas Tablescape Detail


This is a brilliant detail and I'm sure any kids sitting at the table will be absolutely enamored with this little house lit up from the inside. This feels like something right out of a fairytale. If you don't have a house like this, or can't find one in the stores, it's possible to create a similar effect with cut-out paper. It is a bit of work but a few of those on the table will certainly set the scene.


A Rich And Classy Winter Tablescape


This tablescape makes me think of cherries and cognac. A gloriously rich and luxurious combination. I love how Melanie from Living Luxuriously For Less has used natural elements to make this tablescape feel like a homely winter setting.


Heading 18

A photo posted by Janet Garon (@justjanblog) on


Christmas trees and a hint of red make this tablescape feel just right for the holidays. The plates add a lot of detail to the setting and it's great that they mirror the red of the roses.


Pretty In Red And White Details


The red in this table is so inviting. I love the cherries and mint in the water. This simple idea adds so much character to the table and a gorgeous spot of color that ties in perfectly with the red napkin. The black and white checkered table runner is also a fantastic addition and adds a whole lot of depth to the table.


Sophisticated Gathering


Catering for a large group of people can be a bit daunting. This table setting looks fantastic and allows for conversation to flow which is always a good thing when there is a large group to cater for. Guests will enjoy bonding over a sophisticated Christmas dinner table like this one. The use of light and neutral colors with metallic colors makes this table feel full but there is still more than enough room for each guest to sit comfortably and enjoy their meal.

I know I'm certainly looking forward to decorating my Christmas table. If you need some more inspiration, Miss Plan It has shared a gorgeous Christmas snowflake centerpiece tutorial with us. Happy holidays and enjoy your Christmas decorating.


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