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2016 Lookbook White and Blue

December 26, 2016 4 min read

2016 Lookbook White and Blue

White and blue decor inspiration from our 2016 lookbook

Putting together the lookbook was an experience that we at Totally Dazzled as well as the ladies at Distinct Occasions thoroughly enjoyed. We're so excited to be sharing all of our lookbook images with you and we know you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting the scenes together. 

The white and blue style is just one of eight other styles in the lookbook and if you're looking for more inspiration, head on over to the bottom of the page for the link to each lookbook post.

White and Blue Look Book Style(10)

Credits: Totally Dazzled 2016 Lookbook 


This white and blue theme is gentle and suited to both winter and spring weddings. While we chose a few key embellishments to showcase this style, there's really no limit to what you can do to make this style your own. So here we go...


A Beautiful Tablescape In Gentle Blue And White Hues

White and Blue Look Book Style(2) This tablescape has a winter or early spring feel to it

I absolutely love repurposing ideas, decor pieces and DIYs for the simple reason that you get to look at your lovely items not only once, or twice but as many times as you would like. This tablescape is gorgeous and well-suited to both a spring or a winter theme. Small changes or additions to the decor can take it from flowers to snowflakes in a matter of seconds. We used the antique starburst rhinestone brooch here to give this table setting a hint of dramatic flair.


Striking Place Settings Make All The Difference

White and Blue Look Book Style(5)Wow your guests with a stunning place setting like this one

Looking for a way to wow your guests as they take their seats at the table? There's no better way to do it than with a gorgeous napkin ring and a luxurious napkin. It always works and it always looks great. The antique starburst napkin ring and silver napkin makes this place setting look spectacular.


A Matching Chair Design

White and Blue Look Book Style(1)This matching chair sash is a design detail that ties it all in together

Often, it's the smallest addition or change that can make a decor piece pop. And in this case, it was simply the addition of the antique starburst rhinestone brooch to this beautiful arctic white chair sash that  made a difference at this table setting.


Tableware And Decor Items Set The Scene

White and Blue Look Book Style(7)

Candles, vases, and other tableware items can all be embellished to suit the blue and white theme

I always smile when I see how something simple, like this set of plain white candles, totally transforms with the addition of a sparkling silver brooch or flat back. This is one of my favorite DIY projects as it is completely limitless. Changing the color of the candle or the embellishment will give you a whole new look and combining this with a variety of decor're sure to get the look that you desire for less.


Blue and White Tableware Items

White and Blue Look Book Style(4) Create memorable table settings with well-chosen decor pieces and a hint of sparkle

We chose a silver frame here to add a bit of depth and carry the silver of the rhinestone embellishment through. Use upcycled frames like this for table numbers, personalized images, as wedding favors, or even as interesting place cards.


Gorgeous Accessories For a Beautiful Pure White Dress

White and Blue Look Book Style(6) Add gorgeous accessories to your bridesmaids' outfits

The versatility of the antique starburst rhinestone brooch (or any brooch, really) makes it super easy to add to a great number of projects. Using them as accessories is a very effective way of adding some flair to your wedding pieces. Bridesmaid's belts are a good example of this but it doesn't have to stop there. Embellish hats, shoes, bags, headgear and even the bouquet with these beauties. For the bridesmaid's belt, we also added two beautiful fabric flowers each with a circle diamante flat back applied to the middle. 


All That Glitters...Sparkling Shoes That Are Just Perfect For A Wedding

White and Blue Look Book Style(3) The perfect shoes are an important part of your big day

The only things better than shoes are...bling shoes, of course! As mentioned above, adding bling to your shoes is a great idea and can really transform a pair of shoes from drab to fab in this single step. This is a great idea for when you just can't find the perfect wedding shoe or when you already have a pair of shoes  that you just want to spruce up a bit. This is great for bridal shoes, bridesmaid as well as guests' shoes.


Gorgeous Sparkling Belts For Bridesmaids

White and Blue Look Book Style(8)

Bridesmaids embellished belts and head gear can liven up a plain dress

Here's a good look at how the bridesmaid belt we created looks when worn. This combination of embellishments and colors is suited to the theme but you could get super creative and create something totally spectacular with your favorite choices.


Flowers With A Hint Of Sparkle Stand Out

White and Blue Look Book Style(9) Because sparkle is always a good idea!

Bridal bouquets have long played a very important role in the wedding day ensemble. The modern bride is always looking for new and unique ways to let her character shine. Adding some sparkle by way of rhinestone embellishments is a great idea.These sparkle-infused bouquets look fantastic on photos too.


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