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Today's Expert: Shelby Lynn Ferguson from The Day’s Design

March 07, 2018 3 min read

Today's Expert: Shelby Lynn Ferguson from The Day’s Design

Shelby Lynn Ferguson on her love of florals and wedding planning


Shelby Lynn Ferguson, the owner of The Day’s Design, spent a bit of time letting us in on her life as a wedding planner. Her small, home-based business is all about personal connection and as she only takes a limited number of clients each year, she can give each one of her couples her undivided attention. This allows her to channel her creativity into every part of the wedding planning process.

Her website is absolutely stunning and very feminine, filled with floral details. Free flowing floral designs and ramblings are a recurrent theme within Shelby’s work and she has mentioned, a few times, that she has an absolute love for floral elements in weddings.

Shelby, who originally studied business, found her way into wedding planning by realizing that her first chosen career was just not the right fit for her. She went on to study Hospitality and Tourism as well, however, found that it didn’t fulfill her desire for creativity and she knew she would have to find something that did. She chose to concentrate on Meeting Planning within her studies with the end goal of going into wedding planning in the future. While she admits that the journey was longer than she thought it would be, she’s now following her passion and in doing so, has found her niche in life.

“It was more of a journey than I originally anticipated, but here I am, doing what I want to do.”

Shelby’s weddings are centered on the personal experience and she will happily forego current trends to ensure that the couple’s character and vision shine through in the design of the big day. She definitely has a signature style and it’s characterized by lots and lots of flowing florals. Shelby gathers inspiration from her surroundings and is lucky to live on six acres (where her business is also based) – so she has plenty of natural inspiration around her at all times. She also tends to draw from the season and use bits and pieces that are unique to each season to add to her designs. In this way, their designs are never cookie cutter and she doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all template for her weddings, designing everything from scratch with the couple’s tastes completely as her focus.


Credits: Table Tops | The Day's design

“Our focus is simply stunning, organic and elegant events with a love for rambling and free florals designs.”


This year, Shelby is branching out and attempting to grow her own flowers to use for her weddings. Not only will this be a rewarding experience for her but she’s sure that it will be a proud moment knowing that the star flower in the bride’s bouquet was home-grown with her own two hands.

Shelby takes pride in the small details and it’s clear when browsing through her portfolio. Every intricate particular is perfectly and seamlessly integrated into the design and the overall feel is one of romance and whimsy. It’s an absolute pleasure browsing through her website and her social media pages and I felt inspired by her beautiful weddings.

As far as trends go, she prefers not to follow trends. Shelby is drawn to muted and muddy tones and really enjoys working with cooler palettes. She encourages her brides to choose color palettes that are inspired by their favorite flowers or one that means something special to them. For her, the color combination shouldn’t dictate everything else in the design but rather be the foundation of something magical on which all the design elements are brought together.

Her portfolio can be viewed in three categories, bouquets, details, and tablescapes. Floral designs are abundant in all three categories.

Shelby Lynn Ferguson

The Day's Design's Gorgeous Floral Portfolio


Credits: Design details | The Day's Design


Credits: Bouquets | The Day's Design


Shelby Headshot photo credits:Heather Payne

Main collage credits from left to right and down: Bride and Groom: Photography by Samantha James | chair: Ashley Slater| Bride with the bouquet: Corey Weber | Bridesmaids: Samantha James | Invitations: design details gallery on the website.



If you would like to get in touch with Shelby, you can do so on her website. Go ahead and follow The Day’s Design on Facebook for a serious inspiration injection. You can also get a taste of Shelby’s style on Pinterest.



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