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Today's Expert: Abby Gallagher from Blue Orchid Events & Design

March 03, 2018 3 min read


Blue Orchid Events are luxury weddings defined. We chat to Abby Gallagher about her business.


Blue Orchid’s work is luxury defined and it’s an absolute visual treat browsing through their portfolio. The stellar work is characterized by an exceptional attention to detail and every wedding has a unique and defining theme to it that is professionally pulled through all parts of the wedding.

It’s such a pleasure to be featuring this company on our blog today and I’m very excited to be showcasing the wonderful vision of Abby Gallagher at Blue Orchid Events.

The company is based in




Southeast Florida and has a history of luxury yachting. Abby’s dedication to serving her clients’ needs is evident in the clear voice of each event. It’s her main priority to ensure that they are getting exactly what they envisioned, so all of her events are tailored to the tee. She follows an organized and modern system, however, it’s not just about putting out a professional luxury event for her, it’s about having an amazing time planning as well as bringing the event to life on the day.


“When I work with my clients, it is my absolute goal to make sure that they are getting exactly what they envisioned.”

Blue orchid wedding

Credits: Lucy + Jean | Photography by Lara Rose Photography

Abby Gallagher Expert Interview Quote
Blue orchid wedding ideas

Abby’s unique business model allows her to deliver her luxury to clients, despite their budget range. The company offers three packages depending on the stage of planning that her clients are at the time of approaching Abby to take over the planning process. She also works on a sliding scale which depends on the complexity of the project as well as the guest count. The company services clients from Jupiter, FL to the Florida Keys.

What makes Blue orchid Events stand out as a business in a thriving industry, as mentioned, is the incredible high-end events on its project list. Abby sets an off-shore, yachting standard with a high level of detail, right here on shore too. She’s designed events that include CEOs of fortune 500’s as well as celebrities.

Abby launched Blue Orchid Events, as she says, fearlessly after living on yachts and managing the interiors as well as the parties. She’s put her all into building the business up to the point where it is now. Networking and marketing have been the key to her great success paired with her extraordinary sense of style.

One of her proudest moments has been partnering with Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine.

We picked Abby’s brain on her favorite trends this year. She’s loving greenery and floral designs at the moment. Despite having a luxury background, her heart is in nature and as she mentions, it can even save on costs without jeopardizing the look.

“My favorite trend this year is getting in touch with natural, whispy, botanical florals and design. Regardless of having a luxury background, my heart is in nature.”

Abby’s unique talent of taking designs and creating something luxurious is evident in her portfolio where her weddings and events definitely meet the benchmark for high-end class. I spent a good hour or two enjoying her previous weddings on her website. Each one looks like a dream come true for the couple and without a doubt, a memorable event for the guests who attended.



Beautiful images from Blue Orchid Events

Blue orchid wedding events

Credits: Lynn + Matt | Photographed by Chris Joriann Photography

Blue orchid weddings

Credits: Shelby + Eric | Photographed by Andrea Harborne Photography

floral wedding

Credits: Sarah + Spencer | Photographed by So Min Kang Photography

floral wedding ideas

Credits: Izzy + Nick | Photographed by Zavier D'Angelo

blue orchid wedding

Credits: Erin + Nick | Photographed by Sweet Memories Photography

vintage wedding

Credits: Kristina + Scotty| Photographed by St Clerve Photo, Revery Weddings, Andrea Helfer Photography, Kike Velderrama

rustic wedding

Credits: Lara + Nate | Photographed by Joshua Kane Photography

Main collage credits: Intimate Airstream | Photographed by Tracey Ann Jarrett Photonotions Photography



If you’d like to get in touch with Abby Gallagher to plan your big wedding, be sure to take a look at her website. Booking well in advance, as she mentions on her site is imperative and she offers a free consultation to get you started on making the booking process more streamlined. You can contact Abby via her website’s contact page and follow Blue Orchid Event’s adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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