Today's Expert: Lauren Dragon-Cook from LDC & Co August 07 2018

Lauren Dragon-Cook from LDC & Co has an inspiring passion for creating exceptional weddings.

Lauren Dragon-Cook

Lauren Dragon-Cook, owner of LDC & Co is about as upbeat and witty as they come. Our first glance at her website and going through the interview, left such a great impression on us and we’re sure that she would be a whole lot of fun to work with.

In fact, Lauren’s opening statement of her interview was “LDC & Co is your dose of sanity during the wedding planning process since we like to keep things simple and fun.” This awesome statement sums up her approach to wedding planning better than we could in any amount of words.

“I’m not stuffy and like to think I bring a fresh perspective to things. I’m the comic relief during what often turns into a stressful time and yet it is supposed to be just the opposite!”

Lauren is not only an exceptional wedding planner but she also has a background in psychology, helping her to understand her clients' needs from day one. It has also helped her develop an innate sense of calm when things get stressful during the process – a calmness that she transfers to her brides to be throughout the process as well as on the big day.

Lauren’s love for weddings and creating memorable moment is apparent and she infuses a lighthearted sense of joy into everything she does. She does, however, feel that even though she is always looking on the bright side of things, she likes to keep it real by being totally honest and transparent with her brides, ensuring that they always know their options.

Frances and Chris | LDC & Co

Credits: Chris and Frances | Photography by The White Tree

Lauren Dragon-Cook Expert Interview
Kelly and Ryan | LDC & Co.

2012 marks the year that Lauren started running a Boston-based wedding photographer’s studio. She was responsible for scheduling shoots, client invoicing, day-to-day business tasks as well as marketing. Her daily tasks running the studio (like a well-oiled machine) helped her gain experience and led to the start of LDC & Co as well as her latest brand launch Wedding Boss (but more on that in a moment).

LDC & Co has grown to a point where Lauren has enjoyed awards for her work but she maintains that it’s her couples that give her the greatest joy and fills her with pride.

“At the end of every wedding when the couple comes up to me with open arms and gives me the biggest hug and smile fills me with such joy that it makes all the effort worth it.”

Lauren’s loving copper as well as textures combined with natural elements. She’s also a sparkle lover (just like us) and loves rose gold. Her weddings reflect a wide variety of styles and they shine with the character of her couples.

Her latest endeavor, Wedding Boss Life, helps creative effectively run their business. She’s created systems that run seamlessly and create workflows so that the creative can concentrate on what they do best while leaving the nitty gritty’s to run in the background.



Beautiful images from LDC & Co.

Angie and Angelo | LDc & Co

Credits: Anjie and Angelo | Photography by On Three Photography

Bridal soirée | LDC & Co

Credits: Bridal Soirée | Photography by Amanda Morgan and Kendal Bush

Hilary and Tucker | LDC & Co

Credits: Hilary and Tucker | Photography by Solare Wedding Photography

Main collage credits : Kelly and Ryan | Photography by Matthew  Evans Photography



See more of her work on the website as well as snippets of her daily routine on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Get in touch with her via the contact form on her website.