A Sparkling Spring Tablescape by Forlisa Nauling August 06 2018

Anyone for sparkling summer tablescapes? We are! Forlisa has us covered

Forlisa Nauling from the Home Body with Forlisa YouTube channel has created an absolute beaut of a tablescape using silver, grey, and white with mirror details as a color palette. For those big sparkle lovers among us, this is a tablescape to drool over and it’s packed with sparkling details. It’s 100% inspiring.

As many of you know, creating a good tablescape that looks balanced and well-designed is actually a bit of an art and it can be tricky to get a seamless design going without looking too rigid. Forlisa hit the mark with this beautiful bling table and shows us just how it’s done and making it look so easy in the process.

A Sparkling Spring Tablescape By Forlisa Nauling

We’ve taken a look at some of Forlisa’s other tablescapes too and they’re all as gorgeous as this one, each one with a unique style and theme. Forlisa’s eye for detail is amazing and her color combinations work incredibly well across the board. Not all of her home décor items include as much sparkle as this one and she adds beautiful touches to each project.

Set on a mirror table, she’s made use of mirrors throughout the design to enhance the sparkle and it looks beautiful when the dining room light is on, adding a whole lot of warmth to the setting. And that’s what really got us hooked – the warmth of this table setting. Grey, white, and silver often tend to lean towards a cooler color palette but Forlisa’s choice of grey was perfect and added just the right amount of friendliness to the table.


Forlisa's gorgeous grey, white, and silver design


The details on the tablescape work brilliantly together as well. My favorite by far is the contrasting napkins and those beautiful centerpiece elements which, again, all work so seamlessly together to create the scene and the ambiance of the setting.

She used her DIY butterfly napkin rings which she crafted with bling wrap and butterfly brooches in a previous video tutorial. We recently covered this on our blog and it’s one of those amazingly simple DIYs that’s also super glam. Seeing them on the table and how well they work with the rest of the spring-themed elements, we just can’t help but want to get crafting ourselves.

A Sparkling Spring Tablescape by Forlisa Nauling#1

Forlisa also enhanced white roses with our floral rhinestone flat back in her DIY tutorial and she’s used them here in her bouquet as the centerpiece along with three tall white candles which balance out the white on the table.

A Sparkling Spring Tablescape by Forlisa Nauling#2

Picture perfect, this tablescape would be a stunning way to set the scene at a bling or glitter-themed wedding. Adding hints of color would also look great and would help to adapt this idea to your theme. I can’t stop gushing over Forlisa’s choice of color, though. I honestly feel Forlisa did a fantastic job of putting this tablescape together.

A Sparkling Spring Tablescape by Forlisa Nauling#3

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