The Tayra Perez Project Centrepiece and Tablescape Video October 05 2017

A stunning wedding floral wrap centerpiece tutorial

When I saw this video on Youtube from The Tayra Perez Project, I couldn’t help but get excited. This stunning tutorial is perfect for high-end elegant events and looks beyond amazing as a finished project. Tayra has chosen a lovely, vibrant color combination to work with, using white hydrangeas, green hydrangeas; white orchids and off-white roses to soften the stark white and bright green. As always, though, you could supplement any of those colors for the color of your choice. I absolutely love the way this project turned out.

To begin with, Tayra takes us step by step through her centerpiece. She’s listed the products that you’ll need so if you’d like to make one of these for yourself, you’ll have or at least know where to get, all the necessary items. I always love seeing how different crafters assemble their projects. This tall centerpiece looks so glamorous and yet it’s not at all expensive. From the gorgeous draped white hydrangea floral wrap to the fresh color combination, this is a stunning project. I can’t wait to try it out myself.

The Tayra Perez Project

To polish the look and feel of the silver floral centerpiece, Tayra added the antique starburst rhinestone brooch to the white floral wrap. These pieces are incredibly elegant and timeless and always look great if you’re aiming for a beautiful finish. I’m always impressed and the versatility of the antique starburst rhinestone brooch as I’ve seen it being used with so many different types of floral elements and color combinations in projects from YouTubers. We’ve also seen the matching napkin ring, the antique starburst rhinestone napkin ring, used countless times with different textures, napkin styles, and color choices. In her video, though, Tayra makes use of the napkin ring in a totally unique way. We haven’t seen it being used in this way before and I’m in love with the result.


Take a look at the Floral Wrap Centerpiece video from The Tayra Perez Project


Tayra’s antique starburst napkin ring candlestick holders are simply beautiful. They look gorgeous and are super easy to make. She’s made them match the centerpiece and I love that it took almost no time or resources at all to make such a beautiful addition to the table. Not only would a centerpiece like this look great at an elegant wedding or event but it would for a stunning romantic dinner date table setting as well, as we can see from the setting in the video tutorial.

Which colors would you use? I’d love to see this centerpiece in a combination of lavender, purple and white. Perhaps in shades of blue and pink as well. There are so many different ways you could make this project your own. No doubt, I’ll be bookmarking this video for future events.


The Tayra Perez Floral Wrap Wedding Centerpiece

The Tarya Perez Project Floral Wrap Tutorial

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