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Momma From Scratch Elegant Tablescape

July 20, 2017 3 min read

Momma From Scratch Elegant Tablescape

An absolutely gorgeous minimalist tablescape with variations by Momma From Scratch

Keeping it elegantly simple is actually a lot harder than it looks. The less there is on the table, the more effort you have to put in to get things looking just right without feeling incomplete or a little empty. Momma From Scratch has managed to do just that, capturing the feel of spring perfectly in her tablescape.


The design in this tablescape is full of stunning natural and very real looking floral pieces along with a striking bling napkin ring. Although the bling stands out beautifully in the individual place settings, it’s really the gorgeous floral centerpiece that stands out above the rest. The gentle pastel color choices along with the flower types make for a gorgeous spring centerpiece that could be reused for a number of events. A centerpiece like this could be great for a rustic or floral wedding (especially with that beautiful burlap and lace table runner), perhaps for a baby shower or birthday party, it’s also perfect for those lazy spring morning brunches at home with the family. Momma From Scratch has put together a video tutorial showcasing how she made the centerpiece step by step for those of you who would like to replicate it. Did you notice the pretty glass jars nestled into the centerpiece basket? Such a lovely touch and it adds a lot of light to the table.

There are three options that she shows us and I love that Momma from Scratch does this as it shows how simple variations to the table can change the look and feel completely. Each variation is centered on a slight change in the place setting by adding or removing a charger that makes all the difference. Another way to add some variation to your table setting is to play around with different bling options as well as the color of your napkins and floral elements.

I think it’s also important to note that the wood of the table adds a lot of value to this simple table setting. When you’re designing a minimal look, it’s important to take everything into consideration. Momma From Scratch hasn’t covered her table with a table cloth, and the contrast is absolutely stunning. I love the feel of the dark wood against the gentle color palette of the flowers.  

Take a look at the Bling DIY video from Living Luxuriously for Less

I’m in love with the orange tulip that she uses as part of her napkin design along with our Antique Starburst Napkin ring. The orange tulip adds a balance between the soft napkin and the big bold bling napkin ring. Small touches like these really add a lot of character to the table and I think that Momma From Scratch has certainly done a great job of communicating luxury, simplicity, and elegance through the addition of these small details.  

The Antique Starburst Napkin Ring suits this table setting to a tee. The matching Antique Starburst Brooch is a great addition to invitations; décor elements like menu designs, bling details on vases and chair sashes; and even accessories for weddings and big events like birthday parties and baby showers.

How would you embellish your minimal table setting?

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