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Today's Expert: Merlyn Donatien from Flawless Events

July 18, 2017 3 min read

Today's Expert: Merlyn Donatien from Flawless Events

Merlyn Donatien shares her stunning work ethic and beautiful events with us

Merlyn_DMerlyn Donatien, lead planner and CEO of Flawless Events Fla, has shared her awe-inspiring weddings and events with us and we’re very excited to be showcasing her work on our blog today. Her portfolio is bright, beautiful and packed with stunning memories that are immensely detailed. Her fine eye for detail and love for organizing is the key to her business’s success.

Merlyn stepped into the wedding industry as a natural extension of something she’d been doing for many years already. From a very young age, she was hands on with family events and gatherings, often helping her mom to decorate and modify items purchased for the occasions. After planning many events and a few weddings too, Merlyn decided to take the bold step and open her own company and has been thriving in the industry ever since. She has a well-rounded knowledge not only of the planning industry but of business also, providing stellar service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. For Merlyn, planning is an absolute passion and that passion is her driving force to excellence.

“She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” is a motto that carries through the work Merlyn and her team carry out. Not only in the décor and design but in everything they do. From the way they deal with client relationships to the beautiful and insightful details they add to each event that makes it special. Watching her families and brides connect over the beautiful events she creates is a highlight for her as a planner and the beautiful words she receives from her clients keeps her motivated.


Credits: Flawless Events, Photographer: Marcio Calvacanti.

Merlyn Donatien Expert Interview Quote

Merlyn has been published and, as we all can imagine, it’s a huge highlight for her in her career.

“Nothing is like the first time of receiving the email that says we loved your work and we will feature your work. It’s one thing when your client loves your work but it’s another when it gets accepted by either an online blog or magazine.”

Flawless_EventsGoing out of her way for her clients, Merlyn ensures that the service she offers goes above and beyond what is required. In this way, she offers her clients outstanding value. Her reviews reflect this beautiful work ethic.

When I asked Merlyn what her favorite trend for the year ahead was, her first reaction was that it’s so hard to choose, being in the industry. Greenery and mirrors have totally taken her world by storm, this year though. She loves the use of mirrors in décor and design and has noticed that this detail is always a hit when used as signage at weddings.

Aside from greenery and mirrors, Merlyn has also noticed that her glitter embellished bottles (both alcohol and non-alcohol) are immensely popular among her clients. She receives a number of requests for these popular favors from those who have previously attended her events.

Their list of events includes weddings, events, and conferences and the company specializes in planning, design and production, creating a full-scale event from start to finish. Merlyn and her team love creating unforgettable experiences for their clients by taking on the planning and production. Their list of destinations includes South Florida, Grand Cayman, Haiti, St. Croix, the Dominican Republic and more.  



Beautiful images from Flawless Events Fla


Credits: Flawless Events Fla. Photographer: Beverly Monica.


Credits: Flawless Events Fla


Credits: Flawless Events Fla. Photography by AJ Shorter.


Main collage credits from left to right and down: Photography by AJ Shorter; Photography by Alain Martinez; Flawless Events Fla; Photography By Shane Harvey; Photography By Frederic Dupoux



Get in touch with Flawless Events Fla on their official company website or on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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