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Today's Expert: Unique Events by T. Nichols

July 21, 2017 3 min read

Today's Expert: Unique Events by T. Nichols

Unique and stunning events arranged by T. Nichols

T__NicholsUnique Events by T. Nichols, a small family business that provides event services throughout the south, is quickly growing into a booming business that has a lot to offer its clients. This hobby-turned-business is a passion for co-owners Thelma Nichols and David Badon Jr that was discovered through helping family and friends plan their events and it’s grown to offer services like coordinating, planning, catering, and décor.

They offer the full package for events and their comprehensive catering menu makes it easy to choose the perfect meal combination for your party. Design and décor is a big part of planning any event and Unique Events by T. Nichols will have you covered from layout planning to the final cleanup phase after your event. This fantastic full package service allows clients to concentrate on the most important aspect of the event, and that’s the hosting. 

Thelma and David are detail oriented, accounting for the fine parts within their work to ensure that every project is perfect and special. By offering tailor made plans, the inspiration can flow and each new design feels intimate and unique, based on the client’s individual wants and needs.  

It’s this very attention to detail that has led to some truly spectacular moments that stand out for the business. One such moment was when a client visited the venue to drop items off and caught a glimpse of her décor, leaving her in happy tears at the sight. As we all know, it’s actions that make a difference and not always words, so this was a proud moment for both Thelma and Da-vid when the client’s tears did all the talking about their work.  


Blush is a big favorite of Thelma’s when it comes to color trends. I know why. It’s easy to work with, looks amazing and is beautifully versatile. She’s also noticed “the royals” hitting the events scene this year through daring and stark colors like Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Royal Blue. I’ve also noticed that Thelma loves bling and beautiful color combinations as much as I do and incorporates it into her design, creating lovely centerpieces, tablescapes and glamorous final touches like bling vases, napkin rings, and table numbers. Pointing back, again, to the attention to detail.

Thelma has an eye for a good table layout and creates beautiful scenes, based on a concept or scheme as set out in the design and décor phase of the project planning. This concept is pulled through to all the smaller items to create one gorgeously seamless design. 

Taking a look at some of the events designed by Unique Events, it's evident that their aim is to create an atmosphere of joy through their work and that this is something that their clients value deeply. I love the colorful nature of Thelma's designs and the way she incorporates glitter and glam into her tablescapes. There's nothing better than a gloriously sparkling table setting that is cheerful, warm and inviting. Thelma has mastered the art of creating just such tablescapes. 





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If you’d like to hire Thelma and David to plan and cater for your event, you can find them on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for exciting updates and Instagram for those inspiring images.


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