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DIY Wedding Decor Sparkle Table Numbers Tutorial

June 24, 2016 2 min read

DIY Wedding Decor Sparkle Table Numbers Tutorial

Learn how to create gorgeous bling table number frames

One of my favorite ways to add sparkle to a wedding table is the simple and extremely pretty table number frame. Paired with a gorgeous, striking font, a table number frame adds a special touch to the functional number on the table, making it another opportunity to tie your design in seamlessly and wow your guests at your attention to the finer details.

There are so many things you can do to bling out your table number frames and adding embellishments here and there will certainly add a much-desired special touch. For today’s tutorial, however, we’re keeping it super simple and I’m using the “bling-on-a-roll” Rhinestone Mesh to demonstrate just how quickly you can put together an amazing number frame with little to no effort and using only two materials.




You’ll need

  • A frame of your choice. Note: in the spirit of keeping the tutorial super easy, I’ve opted for a plain frame with no curves or carvings. You could easily apply the methods shown in the tutorial to a number of frame types by simply adjusting the width to suit your frame.
  • Our Rhinestone Mesh ribbon (also known as bling-on-a-roll)
  • A glue gun, glue dots or E-600 glue, whichever you’re comfortable working with. If you opt for glue dots, be sure that they’re not too heavy and that they’re quite strong.
  • A Pair of Scissors


Totally Dazzled Rhinestone Mesh


Measure your Rhinestone Mesh by simply counting the number of rows and cutting it to size, add the glue to the flat side of the Rhinestone Mesh and continue to glue it to the table frame. Cover the sides as you desire and that’s it. You’ve just made a gorgeous table number frame in no time at all, and it’s super cost-effective and reusable.


Totally Dazzled Rhinestone Mesh Roll


Quick inspiration

  • Alternate the looks by simply using different mesh widths or using different frame colors. Black, White, and Gray always looks good with the Rhinestone Mesh and can be used with a wide variety of color combinations and wedding themes.
  • Add a touch of bling to your number too by adding a fine glitter to the number itself.
  • Changing the look and feel of the table number is often as simple as changing the font. Play with a variety of wedding fonts to get the look that best suits your wedding theme.
  • Keep those bling-on-a-roll offcuts for other projects and scrapbooking DIYs.
  • Add an embellishment or two to the design. The Square Diamante Flat Back and the Round Rhinestone Pearl Flat back will pair well with a flat frame and the rhinestone mesh.


Totally Dazzled Rhinestone Mesh DIY Table Numbers


These sparkling wedding table number frames make great gifts for bridesmaids to commemorate the special day. Take the number out, add in one of your favorite wedding photos where you and your bridesmaids are all together and gift it in a special box to each one, they’ll love the gesture and the memory.

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