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Brooch Bouquet Ball Tutorial - DIY Flower Girl Pomander Brooch Ball

January 02, 2018 3 min read

Brooch Bouquet Ball Tutorial - DIY Flower Girl Pomander Brooch Ball

I've got a completely new kind of project to share with you today and I'm very excited about it as it's super easy and so much fun to create. This DIY brooch ball  that we are going to make will not only look great but makes for a lovely flower girl’s dream bouquet.




What you’ll need to get started on your own brooch bouquet ball:

  • A styrofoam ball (about 4-inch in diameter)
  • Paint that matches the brooches’ color that you’ll work with
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Ribbon
  • Screw eye hooks. Find a color that matches your brooches
  • Scissors
  • Pliers / wire cutters
  • Glue gun
  • Your choice of rhinestone brooches. You can use any rhinestone brooch that you prefer. For this tutorial, I decided to go with a collection of silver broochesas its simplicity adds to the elegance of the brooch bouquet ball.


Step #1:

Start painting your styrofoam ball using your paint brush and the paint of your choice. I used a foam brush in this tutorial and dabbed on a silver paint I bought from my local craft store.   

Step #2:

Attach the screw eye hook to the center of the styrofoam ball by pushing it through and making a little hole on it. Using a very strong glue gun, add a little glue on the hole and insert the screw eye hook back again. Spread some glue around of the hook also. And make sure the screw sticks to the ball well.

Step #3:

Now that the ball is painted and the hook is attached, we will now proceed to the fun part of the tutorial – sticking on these lovely rhinestone brooches and buttonsof your choice! Carefully attach the brooches and buttons making sure they cling to the styrofoam well so to avoid fallen rhinestones. You may want to use generous amount of glue from your glue gun to ensure best results for this.

Step #4:

Make a ribbon holder by tying the ribbon in the screw eye. I used a black 1 ½ satin ribbon in this tutorial.  Leave a little handle however long you want it to be for your flower girl to hold on. Then finally tie a knot or you may add a beautiful bow just what I did in the video tutorial.

Quick tips

  • The brooch ball may become very heavy once you glue all the brooches and buttons on it. So you may want to use a 4-inch diameter ball or smaller ball to achieve a lighter weight.
  • Make sure that your paint color and the color of screw eye hook matches the overall theme of the brooch ball you are making. If you go with silver theme, you should choose silver metallic paints, and or silver glitter paints work well too.


And that’s it! Four super easy steps to complement your wedding theme that can all be done in a flash for those planning DIY weddings or events on the fly but still want that sophisticated look.

As always, your choice in the type of brooches and other rhinestones you use, the color, and the bling pieces you add to it can totally change the look and feel of your brooch bouquet ball so don’t be scared to play around with the different combinations.

Happy DIY-ing!



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