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Beautiful Wedding Boxes by The Glamorous Penny Pincher

June 22, 2018 3 min read

Beautiful Wedding Boxes by The Glamorous Penny Pincher

Penny pinching on a gorgeous and glam wedding box has never been easier with The Glam Penny Pincher's DIY tutorial.

We’ve just recently featured The Glam Penny Pincher’s video tutorial, Baby Shower Block Letters on our blog where she created a stunning and original tutorial using some of our products. This new tutorial is just as easy to put together and it’s super glam.

Perfect for weddings, events, birthday parties or baby showers, these blinged up boxes are great for collecting cards and gift vouchers on a special day. Not only does the end product look beautiful, The Glam Penny Pincher’s tutorial is easy to follow as well as customize, making it a great foundation for your own project.


But let’s get down to making this DIY


What you’ll need to get started with this project:


Choosing two sturdy boxes with lids, The Glam Penny Pincher has ensured that one is slightly smaller than the other so as to create a tower effect when placed on top of each other. The boxes that she has used in this tutorial needed to be repainted with acrylic paint in order to achieve the look that she was going for. However, if you can find boxes in the color of your choice it'll save you a bit of time and money as you won't have to repaint them.

After painting the boxes, The Glam Penny Pincher got to work styling the boxes. You’ll need to cut a portion of the boxes out in order to allow for the cards to fall through to the bottom box. In her video, she takes you step by step through this process and explains clearly. She then gets to work gluing the two boxes together and ensuring that it’s a snug fit.


Take a look at the Glam Wedding Box DIY tutorial


For decoration, the Glam Penny Pincher made use of Totally Dazzled’s gold bling wrap along with a beautiful sheer white ribbon and a selection of our rhinestone products from our gold bulk rhinestone embellishments pack. Wrapping the gold bling wrap around the base of the bottom box as well as the lid of the top box, she added a beautiful sparkle to the project. The white sheer ribbon is a beautiful touch, especially for a baby shower or birthday party box and as she mentions, because it’s sheer, it doesn't interfere with the color of the box.


As a final touch, the Glam Penny Pincher topped it off with a pair of beautiful clear rhinestone pieces.


And that’s it. A super easy but super glam wedding box perfect for gift cards and special letters. For those of you planning special school dances, or giveaways at events, this DIY is a beautiful option for collecting those contest tickets!


Get In Touch With The Glamorous Penny Pincher

The Glam Penny Pincher’s YouTube channel has a variety of stunning DIYs and home decor videos to glam up your day. You can also follow her on Instagramand Facebook for more ideas on how to glam up your projects.


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