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Spring Decorating Ideas by Detra Lashon

July 17, 2018 2 min read

Spring Decorating Ideas by Detra Lashon

These gorgeous spring tablescapes have us ready to set the table for a morning of cupcakes and tea

Detra Lashon has prepared two beautiful spring tablescapes in her video using pastel blue and lilac as the color palette for her concept. This gentle and welcoming color combination looks gorgeous on her wooden table and is a stunning color choice for a gentle afternoon filled with joy and laughter.

Spring color combinations are always exciting and can vary depending on each arranger’s tastes. We’ve been very blessed to see a wide variety of spring tablescapes from our amazing customers over the last few years and I’m always excited for these new videos that come out.


With Summer just starting and Spring almost behind us, there are still plenty of beautiful crisp mornings to go around. This time of year is always a good time for reconnecting with loved ones and friends over brunch or a lovely lazy lunch.

Detra has arranged two variations of a minimal tablescape, making use of floral arrangements and bling to create distinction. These small details make all the difference, though, and it helps to visualize how a change in a small detail can help to customize your own design and décor.


Take a look at Detra Lashon's beautiful Spring tablescapes


Detra has paired our crystal napkin ring with blue napkins and lavender floral elements for a feminine and timeless look to her table. I love the fact that She’s added the lavenders to the individual place settings as well as made use of a beautiful but simple floral arrangement as the centerpiece of the table.


For the second variation of her tablescape, Detra used our round rhinestone and pearl napkin ring. This napkin ring also has a timeless look and feel to it, however, the design of the table feels slightly more modern as Detra chose stunning white roses to adorn her table and her arrangements reflect a fresh spring look.

I always feel like arranging a good tablescape is a bit of an art and it takes skill to create an uncluttered design that doesn’t look empty. It’s all about the balance and often times, that balance is achieved through the addition of small details that really make or break the tablescape.


So there you have it, two beautiful spring tablescape designs to kickstart your own spring décor for events or simply brunch with the family. What I love about Detra’s centerpieces are that they’re quite beautiful on their own, so when the table is not set for lunch or a special event, the vase and florals can quite easily remain on the table to spruce it up and keep it looking beautiful.

Do you have a favorite spring color palette that you like to use? What are your spring bling options this year? With the launch of our rose gold collection, we’ve noticed many of our customers opting for the gorgeous warm spring color palettes but by far, silver remains a favorite for this time of year.


Get In Touch With Detra Lashon

If you’d like to see more inspiring videos like this, you can follow Detra on her YouTube channel. Find Detra's email address on her YouTube channel about page for business inquiries.

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