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Top 10 Wedding Themes

May 17, 2016 5 min read

Top 10 Wedding Themes

It's hard to choose the best

There are so many fantastic wedding themes out there at the moment and each trend is further extended by the different color variations and options but in order to make it easier on you, I picked 10 of the best trends which are all super popular right now with brides all across the world opting for some of these trends.

What we’ve also seen happening quite a lot through the year is brides choosing less formal and traditional wedding themes, opting for some creative bits and pieces that make a wedding a truly memorable and speak to the character of the couple. And really, that’s what a wedding is all about. It’s your one day to shine, add some sparkle to your life and create a happy memory that will last a lifetime.

Totally Dazzled Top 10 Wedding Themes 2016

So, let me get right into the good stuff.


Elegant White Wedding

Totally Dazzled Elegant White Wedding Theme - Top 10

Bride: Jett Walker Photography via Knots and Kisses; bouquet: Amber Rethink Photography via United With Love; Table setting:Jose Villa via Once Wed

I doubt that an elegant white wedding will ever really go completely out of fashion as so many brides are still drawn to this lovely wedding theme. The wonderful thing about a white wedding is that there are endless possibilities. Adding hints of your favorite color is as easy as adding a key rose to the bouquet, or a pair of shoes in the color of your choice. We’ve seen some brilliant ideas for adding sparkle to a white wedding and a rhinestone brooch here and there add amazing depth and character to the décor pieces.

Take a look at Totally Dazzled’s White Wedding Pinterest Board


Bling Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Bling Wedding Theme Inspiration

    Bridesmaids and bling bags: Tec Pataja via Elizabeth Anne Designs; table setting: Carasco Photography

    Hands up who loves sparkle. Yup, I thought so. We ladies can’t resist sparkle and whether you’re an all-out-bling kind of girl, or a subtle twinkle here and there kind, you’ve got to admit, adding a bit of shine to your wedding is a must. I, of course, love myself some bling, so this theme is right up my alley.

    Why don’t you take a look for yourself and see what we’ve pinned on our Bling board?


    Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

    Cake: Lori Hutchinson – The Caketress; dress: Anna Campell; feathers:Copenhaven

    This theme is definitely for the more daring bride who loves the roaring twenties and all the sparkle it had to offer. There’s no doubt that women from this time were strong and independent and loved to let their characters shine. A Great Gatsby theme wedding is all about the glamor and confidence. Look for strong lines with dark contrasting colors and stunning patterns found on everything from the cake to your dress.

    Take a look at what we’re pinning for the Great Gatsby


    Lace Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Lace Wedding Theme

    Nails:via Arabia Weddings; Lace Decorations:Tulle and Chantilly; Dress:Milla Nova via Dear Pearl Flowers

    I love how delicate and feminine the lace theme is and at some points it overlaps with the very popular vintage look. Lace can easily be incorporated into any area of your wedding from décor to shoes, making it a great choice for a DIY wedding.

    We’ve pinned some stunning examples of the lace theme on our board


    Vintage Love Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Vintage Wedding Theme

    Bouquet:Michael Anthony Photography; The Ceremony and Isle:This Modern Romance; Six Pence: BTW Photography,

    Like the white wedding theme, the vintage theme is here to stay. It’s feminine and so personal with touches from grandma’s treasure chest making the day intimate and memorable. I love how this theme is so adaptable to the people involved in the making of a wedding donning the vintage look. Heirlooms and old timer trinkets, while not exactly matched, make for such a special occasion (and STUNNING photos).

    You can see just how much we love this theme on our Vintage Vineyard Wedding Theme Pinterest board


    Bohemian Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Bohemian Wedding Theme

    Table Scene and bride: Laura Leigh Photography via The Pretty Blog; Flowers in lantern: Niki Mills Photography via Brides Up North

    Freedom of spirit and mind is what rules the Bohemian wedding theme. It’s a stunning theme and lends itself well to the DIY wedding with a gorgeous free-spirited feel about it. This is another one of those trends that just won’t be going anywhere as we see our millennial’s entering their marriage phases soon. The Boho theme is by no means minimalist, but it’s gloriously simple in the materials it uses, concentrating more on natural elements like the earth, nature, and spirit. You can dress this theme up or down, or simply use features of it on your wedding design.

    See our Boho love on our Bohemian Wedding Pinterest Board


    Outdoor/ Garden Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Outdoor Wedding Theme Inspiration

    Cake:Tobiah Tao Photography (Amy Swann Cakes); hanging flowers:Memories n More; bride and groom also little girl: Lydia Jane via Style me Pretty

    This is another incredibly versatile wedding theme and when paired with other themes can totally transform. For example, an outdoor white wedding is elegant, sleek and with a hint of natural beauty while a rustic outdoor garden event is all about the individual character of the features used to make the wedding. I love an outdoor event and at the right time of year, right time of day it makes AMAZING photographs.

    I also find that an outdoor wedding tends to be a bit more relaxed and scenes of kids playing while adults laugh and enjoy each other’s company after a lovely ceremony almost always come to mind with this theme.

    Take a look at what we’ve been pinning on the Totally Dazzled Outdoor/Garden Pinterest Board


    Greenery Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Greenery Wedding Inspiration Top 10

    Table Setting:; chairs:The Story Photography;

    Not at all surprisingly, this theme has really blown up over the last year becoming immensely popular. I’ve seen elegant white weddings including a touch of green in their décor and flower arrangements, which is simply amazing. I’ve also seen this trend take on the more natural wedding feel with lovely relaxed tables lined with hints of greenery and flowers.

    See what we’re loving about this theme on our Green Wedding Pinterest board


    Woodland Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Woodland Theme Inspiration Top 10

    Menu:Paula O’Hara Photography; cake: Crystal Stokes Photography; bridesmaids and bride:Bethany Small Photography

    This theme makes me think a lot of the Twilight wedding between Bella and Edward. It’s gorgeous, intimate and totally natural with décor ideas like moss-lining and carved wooden features. While some weddings tend to be more elaborate, other woodland themes make use of only natural elements. Either way, this theme is totally magical and is bound to be one that every guest will remember

    Here’s our Woodland Themed Pinterest Board


    Beach Wedding Theme

    Totally Dazzled Beach Wedding Theme Inspiration

    Table setting:Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer; bridesmaids:Hello Blue Photo;message:Rebecca Rose Events

    This list would be incomplete without the beach wedding theme. While I’m not a huge fan of the typical nautical theme (for weddings, that is), I’ve recently seen some amazing beach-themed wedding ideas that deserve a mention. So this is for those of you who love the sand and waves. Enjoy a beautifully romantic day (or night) planned out to the tee, right down to the complimentary flip flops given to guests so that they don’t get sand in their Sunday bests.

    See what we’ve added to our Beach Theme Pinterest Board


    Let me know what you think deserves a mention in the Top 10 list.


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