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Today’s Experts: Crystal Adair-Benning (Owner) & Gina Humilde (Wedding Planner) from Distinct Occasions

May 16, 2016 3 min read

Crystal Adair-Benning

Wedding styling with a twist of flair.


Crystal Adair-Benning and Gina Humilde are the masterminds behind the beautiful and distinctly unique “wedding adventure” planning service Distinct Occasions. Their business really pushes the envelope in terms of taking on new challenges and they revel in the idea of creative, out-of-the-box weddings.

They revel in the idea of creative, out-of-the-box weddings.

To this duo, service is all about providing the memory of a lifetime and this is achieved through incorporating some of the finer details that often go overlooked but will definitely add to the overall feel of the event. Crystal describes it as follows in her own words:  “I like things out of the box and unexpected. Incorporating a favorite hobby, a belief, a flower from your mother’s garden. They’re not always the biggest scream in your face impact statements but they’re the memories you will cherish.”

What allows Distinct Occasions to stand out from their competition is their finely tailored weddings. While they do rely on a process, the process is inclined to change with each Bride and Groom and every new situation. This flexibility allows them to provide the best service to each couple, a service which is totally suited to the occasion and the couple. However, be warned that this dynamic duo know what they’re doing and can only provide the best service if they are awarded trust. Their weddings are about authenticity and creativity and you’ll certainly have memories to last you more than a lifetime if you decide to use their services.

Distinct_Occasions_events and weddingsThey’ve enjoyed many proud moments, many “Hallelujah” moments as one of the planners commented, but to date, the moments which truly give meaning to their business are small thank-you notes received from the bride and groom after the event.

When asked how Distinct Occasions came to be, both Crystal and Gina mentioned that it was thanks to a chance meeting of the two that the business became what it is today. It’s quite fitting considering the nature of their industry.

Crystal had a background in PR and media and would have wanted to work in the travel industry, however, the Universe had other plans and according to Crystal, while she didn’t get what she wanted, she got something much better. Gina, who never really planned to be in weddings, preferred to be in events like fashion. After meeting Crystal in an Events Class, the two formed Distinct Occasions and neither have looked back.


Both love what they do and it can be seen down to the finest detail.

Distinct Occasions Quote Image

Crystal will be exclusive to five weddings a year as of 2017 and her specialty is Destination Weddings. She is also a best-selling author with her book ‘Wedding Planner Problems’ She’s enjoyed great success as a copywriter in her copywriting business,Quirk Copywriting.


Gina, who runs the office and manages the staff also produces gorgeous weddings in Toronto and Niagara. In their interview the following was said: “She always has a smile on her face (ALWAYS) and can be seen running the city like she owns it.” 

They’re proud of the fact that Distinct Occasions relies heavily on teamwork and stress that while you’ll have a lead wedding planner, the work is accomplished by leaning on a finely honed team structure which includes a band of wedding professionals.

Crystal and Gina also did the styling for Totally Dazzled’s very first look book and we’re super excited about it. They styled 8 different set ups for us over an exhilarating but exhausting day.  The look book is packed with amazing inspiration and a fountain of wedding ideas to suit everyone’s needs. We know you’ll love it.

Distinct_Occasions_wedding details

Get In Touch With Distinct Occasions

If you would like more information about Distinct Occasions visit their website at, call at {0011} 1 416 562 6995, or email them at

You can also like them on Facebook , or follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram

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