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Diy Napkin Ring With An Enchanting Square Rhinestone Buckle

May 06, 2016 2 min read

Diy Napkin Ring With An Enchanting Square Rhinestone Buckle

Whether you’ve hired someone to plan your big day or you’re taking the challenge up yourself, you’ll want in on some of the industry tips and tricks. One of the easiest things to DIY when planning your wedding is napkin rings. It’s also one of the easiest ways to add detail to your table and menu settings.


Luckily, creating some elegance for your table setting is as simple as 1,2,3,4 – literally and I’ve put together this tutorial to showcase just how easy it is. You’ll take four simple steps using only four items.



You’ll need:


Diy Napkin Ring With Square Rhinestone Buckle


This enchanting Rhinestone Square Slider Buckle is both simple and elegant and it’s wonderfully cost-effective, making it the perfect DIY addition to your wedding. This particular buckle is also pretty versatile and it’s easy to incorporate into any number of things, so let your creative genius run free and be ready to wow your guests with the beautiful details you’ve got in store for them.


Just this simple ribbon design could be used for invitations, flower arrangements, and even hair pieces, to name a few. The slider buckle is also easily paired with some of our other pieces to create the perfect wedding theme.


Square Rhinestone Buckle


Quick inspiration:

  • Alternate the looks by simply using different ribbon widths.
  • Add a flower or two to the napkin ring for a personal touch.
  • Want to add something special to your flower girls’ hair? A Rhinestone buckle ribbon would make a lovely accent. Use a wide ribbon to make a bow or make the ribbon “pop”.
  • Use one of these buckles on your clutch purse to add some detail while subtly tying the décor in with your wedding wear.


Note: In the video, I use a black napkin ring and a white ribbon with a lovely sheen to show off the slider buckle. However, there’s no end to the combinations you can use as it’s quite simple to match these buckles to a wide variety of colors. One of my personal favorites is a Marsala, Champagne and Gold combination.


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