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Rose Quartz and Serenity Color Inspiration

May 05, 2016 3 min read

Rose Quartz and Serenity Color Inspiration

Pantone color of the year 2016 

This year’s Pantone colors are as their name suggests; gentle and breezy. Actually, it’s the first time that the Pantone color of the year has been a combination of two colors and as the website suggests, rather than seeing them as two separate colors, see them as one - a unity of warmth and coolness which provides the perfect balance.

ose quartz and serenity color

Rose Quartz and Serenity are both exquisite colors as separate entities and when combined something magical happens. I’m quite pleased that these two colors were united as the Pantone color of the year for 2016 as they make stunning wedding colors, allowing for a truly feminine and gentle wedding with plenty of room for the whimsical and fantasy. Actually, these colors make me think a lot of freedom and youth and I simply love the idea that these two could be used to herald the start of a beautiful union between two people. Marriage is, after all, about finding each other in the freedom of Love.

Alright, enough quirkiness for now, though. What I love most about this color combination is the endless opportunity it allows for. These colors are most certainly quite feminine and as they are both pastel, go excellently with a gentle palette. Hints of gold, rose gold and mint are exceptionally matched with Rose Quartz and Serenity. This gentle color combination makes me think of the tender natures of vintage brides with their beautifully sculpted hair and soft pearls. It also made me think of our Flower Rhinestone and Pearl Brooch. Just like the Pantone mixture, the brooch’s vintage beauty is soft, warm and so very striking.

serenity color brooch




I love the idea of adding pearl touches to a Rose Quartz and Serenity themed wedding as the sheen will add some lovely luster to the décor and fashion details without detracting from the color combination itself or being too overpowering. Pearls also have a natural luxury to them making them perfectly suited as accompaniments to Rose Quartz accessories. The Round Rhinestone and Pearl Napkin Rings are just such examples. The napkin rings are super easy to style and instantly adds sophistication to a table setting, making your day as special and refined as it should be.


rose quartz and serenity napkin ring


Thankfully, the feminine nature of this color combination can be well matched to a light gray, silver gray and even charcoal tux for your groom. For those grooms who shy away from pastels, simply add hints of rose quartz and serenity by adding key accessories to the pocket to tie the garments together. An easy rule to follow when styling for male vs. female is to remember that soft, rounded lines create an air of femininity while stark, straight lines are more male dominant. If you’re not willing to compromise on the color, compromise on the styling and give your man some straight cut accessories.

In short, this year’s Pantone colors give meaning to the words “blushing bride” and there’s no doubt they’ll be a huge hit this year as wedding colors. You can grab some amazing inspiration from our Rose Quartz and Serenity Pinterest Board.


For those of you wondering about the exact Pantone values, here they are:

Rose Quartz: PANTONE 13-1520 AND Serenity:PANTONE 15-3919


Photo Credit:

Flower Bouquet: Kerry Jeanne, Table setting: Katie Mcgihon Rose Quartz Wedding Dress: Maraluce,Earings, Macarons and Groom with rose: found on Weddinomania – (source Pinterest)


Take a look at our Rose Quartz and Serenity Board


Natalie Mounter | Owner and Founder of Totally Dazzled

rose quartz and serenity wedding napkin ringose quartz and serenity color wedding brooch

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