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Mother’s Day Brunch And Gift Inspiration

May 06, 2016 3 min read

Mother’s Day Brunch And Gift Inspiration

Make mother's day super special 

Mother’s day is exciting in its own right and it’s a great time to give back to the woman who has poured her heart and soul into raising and caring for her loved ones. There’s no need for me to get into the details of what mom’s do and don’t do and we all know that every task a mother takes on, she does so to keep the family moving forward. It’s a tough job and mother’s day is rightly deserved by mothers across the world.

While giving back to mom for all she’s done should happen throughout the year, giving her the recognition of a special day allows you to plan something wonderful ahead of time. Brunch and gifts will almost certainly go down well with any mom, especially if she is able to share the memory and the day with her children. That’s what mother’s day is really all about. Shared memories and time to give thanks to the woman who made so much in your life possible.

fancy mother's day table settings ideas


I've put together a brunch inspiration board for mother’s day brunch ideas that just about anyone can make use of. Whether you’re planning to go all out on Sunday or having a simple get together, give mom something she will remember for a lifetime. 

Formally invite mom to brunch with a beautiful, handmade invitation with added sparkle to it. Add beautiful table settings, and be sure to take note of the finer details. Sometimes even something as small as a Napkin ring can make all the difference in the world. The Stretch Loop Napkin Ring hints at elegance without being too overdone – perfect for brunch.

fancy mother's day table settings brooch





Add a little sparkle to the table and wow your mother with timeless and elegant pieces like the Diamante Flower Brooches. These not only look great on a table, for instance in flower arrangements, but will make a lovely gift for mom to take home.








Add a special touch to mom’s bouquet of flowers by adding a very simple Double Diamante Circle Buckle to the ribbon around the stems. She’ll love the bit of bling attached to her favorite flowers.

Brooch bouquets have become immensely popular for weddings and I can’t image anything more special than a handmade brooch bouquet with a few of mom’s favorite pieces. It’s a memory that won’t wither away, literally.

For a beautiful bouquet, I suggest a mixture of our Flower Rhinestone Pearl Brooches, the Silver Flower Wedding Buttons, and the above-mentioned Diamante flower brooches. Can’t go wrong with that. I’ve put together a tutorial to show you how to make your own brooch bouquet




Gifts And Cards

Add a final touch of love to mom’s day with a well-thought-out gift, beautifully wrapped. Rhinestone Slider buckles make excellent stationary accessories when paired with ribbons while the flat back buttons can be used on any number of items. Use the flat back buttons to give your final gift package that hint of personality by adding a single, well-chosen piece to the wrapping. I love the Round Rhinestone Pearl Flat Back, it’s a beautiful statement piece that can make even the simplest wrapping look wonderful.

mother's day place settings brooch


Go all out for your mother this month, she deserves it.


Photo Credit:

Charcuterie board as well as board and plate photography credit: Ashley Baltz image found on Apartment 34, wooden table + pink flowers: WhoWhatWear, Gift photography credit: Image from Table Style photographer Debi Treloar. Blue Gift: Heather Bullard, Gift packaging: Irene Berni Instagram


Take a look at our Mother's Day Brunch Pinterest Board






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