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Today’s Expert: Vanessa Holtz of Butterfly Boutique Invitations and Designs

May 09, 2016 3 min read

Today’s Expert: Vanessa Holtz of Butterfly Boutique Invitations and Designs

Wedding invitations at their grandest.


Vanessa Holtz, owner and designer, brought Butterfly Boutique Invitations and Designs to life in 2013 after the experience of arranging her own wedding proved to be more stressful than she had imagined.  As a way of giving to the brides-to-be who become her clients, she rewards them with absolute care and attention to details, stressing that she spends time really getting to know each and every bride, not as a client but as a long-time friend and someone who deserves an amazing day completely free of stress.

In fact, this is Vanessa’s mission to the tee. She compares her business and her services to that of a maid-of-honor and will take on the task of designing wedding invitations with as much love and passion as a maid-of-honor would take on her own tasks.

All of Vanessa’s designs are self-made and handmade with love.

Vanessa, which means butterfly, believes that the success of her service lies in the fact that she offers a unique experience where she immerses herself in the design. She offers the bride-to-be the opportunity to let her imagination run wild and be part of the process, or to totally step back and allow her to take care of the designs from concept to delivery. This allows the brides to concentrate on the things that really need their attention and still have the peace of mind that one of the most important aspects of their wedding will be taken care of, will be perfect and will arrive on time.


Vanessa prides herself on her service and goes beyond the call of duty to follow up with each one of her clients to find out how their big day was. Her proudest moments in this business are captured in the positive reviews she receives about both the final product and the service she renders.

“And, of course, you can’t forget about the BLING!”

Baby pinks and grays have Vanessa imagining all kinds of romantic and designs and it just so happens to be one of the most wanted wedding color combinations for the year. The soft combination of blush pink and grey is amazing as it’s both feminine and masculine and by adding highlight colors you can take this combination to any height you’d like.  Vanessa said: “This year, I find myself being drawn to the baby pinks and grays. I love the romantic feel they bring to a wedding. And of course, you can’t forget about the BLING! A touch of bling brings that ultimate feminine flair to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.”

All of Vanessa’s designs are handmade with love. She takes great care even in the smaller details and will only allow the quality finishes she would want for her own wedding. Her perfectionist nature ensures that every concept and every invitation is perfectly prepared down to the last rhinestone.

vanessa holtz invitations

Vanessa’s journey in this industry has enabled her A-type personality to shine and do what she does best – give, give, give. She’s been able to realize her dream of making other’s weddings an absolute vision by playing her part in the big day. For Vanessa, her ultimate goal is to see her clients’ smile knowing that the announcement and invitation to their weddings are in good hands.

Stunning Butterfly Boutique invitations

Get In Touch With Vanessa Holtz

If you would like more information about Butterfly Boutique Invitations and Designs or would like to order a custom design, visit Vanessa Holtz’s Etsy shop at, or email her at

You can also follow her on Instagram to see her latest designs and invitations.


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