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Gray Wedding Theme Color Inspiration

May 12, 2016 3 min read

gray wedding theme

Gray is a great base color 

We’ve had some stunning color combinations before and I know we’ll have many more to come but today’s color combination is one of my absolute favorites thanks to its versatility. There is no limit to a gray color combination and the best part about using shades of gray is that you can literally control how feminine/masculine a wedding should look and feel. It’s amazing. In fact, if you wanted to really add a fine level of color detail, you could control different parts of your wedding ranging them from feminine to masculine with just a few shades and color hints. That easy.

Perfect for the grooms who want a stronger touch to their part in the wedding!

Totally Dazzled Gray Wedding Color Inspiration

In short, a gray color combination is the best compromise between a couple choosing wedding colors and there are some powerful color hints that add so much life and character in the details of the wedding.

To name just a few, here are some of my favorite gray combinations:


White and Gray

gray color wedding theme

    A stark white with a cool gray and some softer hues like blush, dusty blue, lavender or lilac and champagne make excellent choices for the bride who wants something gentle. On the flipside adding some coral, navy, or gold will definitely add life to the wedding theme and these colors make excellent highlight colors to shades of gray.


    Blush Pink and Gray

    gray color wedding ideas 

    I covered this color combination last year when the wedding industry saw a peak of this combination. It’s simply gorgeous. Blush, like gray, can be dressed up or down in any which way and makes an excellent base color. These two together are soft and create a warm, fairytale combination and with a few rhinestone touches like this Vintage Crystal Brooch the color combination comes together as something spectacularly magical. 


    Lavender and Gray

    Totally Dazzled Gray Wedding Color Inspiration

    The shade of gray in this color combination controls how the lavender looks. With lighter grays, lavender will look wispy and feminine while a darker shade of gray brings out the serious side of lavender. Highlights of soft blues, pinks, and even greens make the lavender and gray combination a lovely strong set of colors to choose from with plenty of detail options.


    Green and Gray 

    Totally Dazzled Gray Wedding Color Inspiration

    Believe it or not, this is a thing, and it’s amazing when the right hues are chosen and paired together. This combination has a very romantic feel to it and is a lovely mature color. It’s strong and earthy, really a fantastic combination. I love the idea of using the Crystal Napkin ring here. The clear stone is perfect for this intense color combination and the design of the napkin ring is as strong as the colors.


    Blue and Gray

    Totally Dazzled Gray Wedding Color Inspiration

    I love how naturally gray and blue pair together. It’s important to choose the right hues as an oddly paired blue and gray doesn’t look good at all, however with just the right shade of gray you can make blue stand out a mile. I suggest using blue as a highlight color and using shades of gray as the base color for this combination. Navy, royal blue and dusty blue colors pair extremely well with gray. My suggestion is to pair this theme with the strikingVintage Diamante Napkin Ring.



    Photo Credits:

    Shoes and outdoors table setting: photography by Katy Melling; bouquet of flowers: photography by Julia Newman Photography; indoor table setting:  Millie Holloman Photography found on style me pretty, dress detail:  O’Malley Photographers; suit: Calvin Klein; Cake: Made by Sugar Ruffles / Found on The Cake Blog; band of grooms:Shaun & Skyla Walton

    Blush and gray collage:

    Cake: Cotton and Crumbs;flower bouquet:Edyta Szyszlo ;suit:Natalie Felt Photography

    White and gray collage:

    Dress: Carol Hannah, Image Brett Heidebrecht; table setting:Q Avenue Photography, cake:The Enchanting Cake Company

    Lavendar and gray collage:

    Cake: Laura Gordon Photography; hanging bouquet via Weddingomania source: pinterest; table setting: Click Chick Photography via Revolution Wedding Tours

    Green and Gray collage:

    Dress: Image via Angelina Androsova; outdoor table setting and closeup: Clayton Austin via Style Me Pretty

    Blue and Gray Collage: 

    Indoor table setting: Jessica Schmitt Photography via The Wedding Chicks, bouquet: Stephanie A. Smith Photography; suit: Peter Posh


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    Natalie Mounter | Owner and Founder of Totally Dazzled

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