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Make a Wedding Brooch Bouquet in Just 3 Steps September 06 2018

In this video tutorial from Totally Dazzled, Natalie teaches you how to make a brooch bouquet. Follow her 3 easy steps to making a brooch bouquet. Find a complete list of supplies in the description below.

Thanks for watching our video.  Let us know what you think about this project in the comments below.

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Summer Coastal Tablescape by Juani's House August 24 2018

Summer dining at it's best with this natural beach-themed design

Juani puts together a coastal tablescape around this time every year and this year she has created a gorgeously simple and fresh table design using some of our rhinestone products and items she’s collected straight from the beach.

Summer Coastal Tablescape by Juani's House

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Today's Expert: Emily Janick from The Bride School August 23 2018

Meet Emily Janick, the power woman behind an awesome and innovative new bridal school.

We recently interviewed a bridal coach and can’t wait to share her innovative approach to the wedding planning industry with you. This post is for the hands-on bride who wants to tackle her wedding with style, grace, and knowledge. Emily Janick, Bridal Coach and Instructor for The Bride School, can teach you how to put your dream wedding together at half the cost of a conventional wedding planner – plus it allows you to be hands-on with your own wedding ideas.

Emily Janick Bridal Coach

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Pretty in Pink Tablescape by Travina Brown August 22 2018

Travina Brown's beautiful tablescape designed for the power women in her life.

Travina Brown from TMB Designs shared her tablescape design with us and it’s absolutely beautiful in pink, platinum and rose gold. The pink that Travina chose is a subtle pink, not quite baby pink but it’s very feminine and very gentle. She’s also made use of mirrors and silver tableware to add to the elegance of the table design.

Pretty in Pink Tablescape by Travina Brown

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An Elegant Navy Tablescape by Keelia Decor8s August 20 2018

Keelia Decor8s created this gorgeous summer tablescape to share with us

Keelia’s Summer elegance tablescape is beyond gorgeous with bold color pairings and beautiful finishes. The tablescape is minimalist which helps to keep that element of elegance but it’s the gorgeous bling and floral details that really make this design stand out.

An Elegant Tablescape by Keelia Decor8s

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8 Stunning DIYs and 1 Gorgeous Tablescape by Tammy B Jones August 08 2018

This warm and elegant tablescape is absolute gold

Tammy B. Jones has created a gorgeous luxe tablescape made almost entirely with her own DIYs and we’re absolutely in love. My favorite line in her video says it just as she models it: “if you don’t want to buy it, just DIY it” and that’s exactly what Tammy did, showing us step-by-step how to achieve this gorgeous look.

Tammy B Jones Tablescape

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Today's Expert: Lauren Dragon-Cook from LDC & Co August 07 2018

Lauren Dragon-Cook from LDC & Co has an inspiring passion for creating exceptional weddings.

Lauren Dragon-Cook, owner of LDC & Co is about as upbeat and witty as they come. Our first glance at her website and going through the interview, left such a great impression on us and we’re sure that she would be a whole lot of fun to work with.

LDC & Co. Weddings

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A Sparkling Spring Tablescape by Forlisa Nauling August 06 2018

Anyone for sparkling summer tablescapes? We are! Forlisa has us covered

Forlisa Nauling from the Home Body with Forlisa YouTube channel has created an absolute beaut of a tablescape using silver, grey, and white with mirror details as a color palette. For those big sparkle lovers among us, this is a tablescape to drool over and it’s packed with sparkling details. It’s 100% inspiring.

A Sparkling Spring Tablescape By Forlisa Nauling

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Beautiful Butterfly Napkin Rings by Forlisa Nauling July 19 2018

These easy DIY butterfly napkin rings are just too pretty to pass by

A recurring theme on our blog has been simple and cost-effective DIY projects that add a whole lot of sparkle to your wedding or event. Forlisa Nauling has put together a gorgeous set of DIYs that are super simple and as cost-effective as they come, using a few of our rhinestone products along with items that she already had in her craft box and home décor.

Forlisa Nauling Butterfly Napkin Rings

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Today's Expert: Andrea Davis from Entyse Lyfe Weddings and Events July 18 2018

Andrea Davis, Creative Director and Event Expert shares her insight with us

I’ve got the absolute pleasure of introducing our readers to Andrea Davis and her award-winning wedding and event business, Entyse Lyfe. Andrea’s business is exceptional and offers peace-of-mind to the couples and clients that make use of their services to plan big events.

Andrea Davis from Entyse Lyfe

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Spring Decorating Ideas by Detra Lashon July 17 2018

These gorgeous spring tablescapes have us ready to set the table for a morning of cupcakes and tea

Detra Lashon has prepared two beautiful spring tablescapes in her video using pastel blue and lilac as the color palette for her concept. This gentle and welcoming color combination looks gorgeous on her wooden table and is a stunning color choice for a gentle afternoon filled with joy and laughter.

Detra Lashon Spring Tablescape Variations

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Beautiful Wedding Boxes by The Glamorous Penny Pincher June 22 2018

Penny Pinching on a gorgeous and glam wedding box has never been easier with The Glam Penny Pincher's DIY tutorial.

We’ve just recently featured The Glam Penny Pincher’s video tutorial, Baby Shower Block Letters on our blog where she created a stunning and original tutorial using some of our products. This new tutorial is just as easy to put together and it’s super glam.

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