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White Wedding Theme Inspiration

August 04, 2016 2 min read

White Wedding Theme Inspiration

An all-white wedding theme is spectacular

If you’ve ever been to an all-white wedding, you’ll know it’s something that literally takes your breath away. From the elegant finishes to the extravagant cakes, dresses, and shoes a white wedding is fantastic in every way.


There’s so much one can do with a white color palette as a base and the millions of stunning Pinterest pics is proof thereof. But we know from experience that pulling off an all-white wedding is not always easy. It can take months of planning, resourcing and finding the perfect combinations that will give an all-white wedding a feel of depth and dimension. So, kudos to those of you who have done this before and thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

On the flipside, if you’re someone who likes a splash of color to liven up an event, adding hints of your favorite color to a white wedding theme is only too easy. We’ve seen some great examples of single-color choices paired with white. One of my favorites is the splash of bright green with white (think lemon leaves with depth and texture as opposed to flat lime green). But a black and white combination is just as stunning. Adding your favorite color can be as easy as adding a sultry red rose, a pair of color shoes that makes a statement, a handwritten sign embossed in gold foil.

white wedding theme ideas

Gold and white is another on-trend color combination that absolutely rocks my wedding world. A simple Gold Rhinestone Circle Buckle is all you need to add elegance to all-white minimalist menu designs, flower bouquets, napkin rings and a whole variety of décor items. The best part about a white wedding is that you can add your favorite bling pieces and it’s almost guaranteed to match with the white.



white weddings

Another favorite of mine is the timeless and elegant Pearl and white combination. If you’re planning an all-white wedding and would like to incorporate a few bling pieces in the décor and design that still lend themselves well to the all-white theme, pearls are a fantastic option.


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for an elegant long white wedding gown. It’s hard to find a favorite among the many wedding trends and color combinations out there and I’ve seen some truly stunning and unique designs but there is something about an all-white wedding gown that has me mesmerized and pinning like a mad woman. With that said, you’ll find all of my favorites pinned on the white wedding Pinterest board – more pins are shared every day.


all white wedding theme

Photo Credit:

Stationery: via Harpers Bazaar; Isle: Photography by Perez Weddings via DFW events; Menu: via Harpers Bazaar; Bridesmaids via Harpers Bazaar; Seat Signage: via Harpers Bazaar; Shoes: Michelle Beckwith Photography via Wedding Sparrow; Cake: via Dear Pearl Flowers.


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