Today's Expert: Thomas Bui May 15 2017

Meet Thomas Bui, the creative genius behind Thomas Bui Lifestyle

Thomas Bui

Thomas Bui, Wedding and Event Producer has cemented his position in the wedding industry as a lifestyle and luxury events planner. We’re so excited to have had the opportunity to connect with him.

This full-scale production company, founded in 2000, focusses on providing luxury experiences for weddings, social and corporate events. Thomas Bui Lifestyle, owned and personally run by Thomas Bui, was born out of the desire for greater creativity in his workflow. After deciding to leave the pharmaceutical industry and pursue a career that offered flexibility, passion, and inspiration, he went back to school and acquired an MBA which has helped him perfect his craft.

Thomas saw the need for a wedding and events coordinator within the medical industry as doctors are often dating each other but lack the time to plan their big day themselves. The business quickly grew traction after the first wedding, proving Thomas’s instincts were right on the money about how and where to market his new venture.

It’s the personal ethics crossed over into work ethics that makes this business a stellar success. Thomas pays individual attention to each of his clients, offering the couple a special journey through their event. As he only takes on as much work as his company can handle, overbooking is not a worry. Brides are always in good hands with Thomas Bui Lifestyle and can look forward to impeccable service, an eagle’s eye to detail, tailor made plans to suit their tastes and individual style and a breathtaking end result.

This is the promise that Thomas Bui Lifestyle makes each and every one of his clients through his continued, clear communication throughout the process and excellent delivery. From planning to execution, the couple is guided through the concept with visuals, open communication and a set of professionals specifically chosen for the event.

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Thomas has set high standards for his team and has personally trained each of his staff members in both the basic wedding planning etiquette as well as how to hone that eye for detail. Each of his team members is required to know how to help the bride and groom, as well as their party, with items like tying boutonnieres or ties, pinning corsages and so on. Not only do Thomas and his team plan and set the event up, they are also present so as to ensure that everything is running in perfect order, allowing the bride and groom the day completely free of stress.

As Thomas mentions in his interview;

“We’ve had the pleasure of designing several celebrity events which has been an honor, however, every client is treated with the same respect no matter their budget.”

Honesty and integrity are a top priority for Thomas Bui Lifestyle and they would rather be forthcoming if a client’s budget doesn’t fit the bill. This sets them apart from the crowd and certainly makes them an asset to any client. You will always know where you stand with Thomas and his team.

Thomas’s personal favorite colors are black and gray and he’s often happy when a client approaches him with a color scheme that includes the daring black. As far as trends go, black, gray and a hint of color are at the top of his favorites at the moment. I love this, there are so many sophisticated ways to make this color combination work well for you.


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Thomas Bui answers phone calls himself, he’s very proud of the fact that he runs his business this way. Find his contact details on his website. You can also follow his inspiring work on his Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram social media channels.