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Today's Expert: Audrey Cadio from Haute Couture Events

June 08, 2017 4 min read


Audrey Cadio shares her stunning work with us 

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Audrey Cadio, founder and head planner at Haute Couture Events has shared her stunning work with Totally Dazzled in an interview with her recently and I am beyond excited to share her company with you today. She’s dedicated and driven and absolutely loves the wedding and events industry. More than a passion, this is a way of life for her and she pours herentire being into creating memorable events for both clients and guests.

Upon being asked how Audrey found her way into the wedding industry, she stated that she was born this way. Planning has always had a place in her life and it’s something she has been doing since very young. As a child, she enjoyed planning her birthday parties, Christmas get-togethers, and family reunions.


Her very first event was at the age of 14, where she planned her mother’s 40th surprise birthday party. At 16, she planned her first client’s wedding and has never looked back. Putting together wonderful experiences is truly in her blood. At 20, she opened her first company in Paris, France and later moved to London. She finally opened her main company (and now only company) in Miami, Florida.

Haute Couture specializes in planning Miami weddings and is a luxury wedding and event planning company. Décor design is their first love. As well as weddings, they also tackle corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties and many more events for both global brands and individual clients. The meaning of Haute Couture in French is “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”. It is the creative process of exclusively tailored clothing. It’s high end with details to match. This is the final product that Audrey offers her clients, every detail is catered to, carefully planned and put together to create a final product that is absolutely outstanding.

Their vision is to create a smooth and extraordinary experience for their clients, in which the clients are free to enjoy the planning process and the final event. Audrey and her team take care of the difficult decisions, leaving the couple to enjoy making those fun decisions. The background work is well taken care of and Audrey relies on her long-standing relationships with industry vendors to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Taking a personal approach to her interactions with her clients, she goes out of her way to treat each one like a good friend. Her positive outlook on life and on her work is a treat and helps her to visualize her goals, and her projects clearly. There is no challenge too big for Audrey and her team.

Audrey has been very lucky in her career and has garnered experience from all over the world. She has had the opportunity to work in France, London, New York and Miami where she met with many different people and was able to immerse herself in the cultures. She also speaks English, Spanish and French fluently, giving her an added advantage when speaking to international clients.

Her many experiences have helped fashion her work ethic and creative process to the point where she is continually growing and the business is forever expanding its style and capabilities. Her dedication and passion for wedding planning and design, as well as flower arrangements, is the key to why her clients hire her. She’s also real and honest with each of her clients and has a strong line of communication open with each one. As Audrey says;

“You cannot be the best at what you are doing if you do not love what you are doing”

Her clients are made a part of the design process and they are given the opportunity to bring their dreams to life. Audrey and her team expertly guide each of these visions to fruition with clarity and professionalism.

For Audrey, every moment doing what she loves gives her a sense of pride. This is her life’s work and she adores it. Seeing her client’s eyes light up when they attend their event and experience their vision bloom is the absolute best. It’s in those moments that Audrey feels her greatest sense of achievement.

"I am proud of every moment because every event is unique."

Audrey’s current wedding trend crush is the vintage and rustic chic trend. The gorgeous, timeless and classic colors, ivory, champagne, light pink and a touch of gold or silver are among the most requested color combinations the Haute Couture receives for events. The fact that it’s classy and can be defined with stunning floral arrangements makes it a dream for Audrey to work with.

Talking a peak at her gallery on her website, it’s immediately noticeable that Audrey has a keen eye for detail. I love how she incorporates natural elements and ties them in with the surrounding elements that the venue has to offer. Nothing feels out of place and everything feels like it was made for the venue itself. Here are just a few of the snapshots from her website.

Take a look at the Haute Couture Events Portfolio




Haute_Couture_Events_Beautiful Wedding Flowers


Credits: All images taken from the Haute Couture Events gallery.

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If you’d like to get in touch with Audrey Cadio to style your event or wedding, you can do so on her website. You can also connect with her on the company’s social media channels, FacebookGoogle Plus and the Youtube channel. The Haute Couture website also has a blog that you can follow for tips and tricks and updates.

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