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Napkin Fold for Wedding Fan Napkin Fold Tutorial - Quick, Easy and Stylish

November 05, 2017 3 min read

Napkin Fold for Wedding Fan Napkin Fold Tutorial - Quick, Easy and Stylish

3 stylish ways to fold your napkins for your next big event.

A good napkin fold and added bling can really set the mood for a good tablescape. With a few simple changes to the design of the fold, you can totally transform your individual place settings. Today’s tutorial covers the super simple fan fold and I love this fold for two reasons. One, it’s uncomplicated and quick to put together and two, it’s an elegant fold – perfect for weddings.

In the tutorial, I show you three different styles in which you can fold your napkin using the fan fold method. Each one adds a slightly different touch to the place setting and allows you to style your table in whichever way suits your event best.


Watch the tutorial



What you’ll need to get started on your own fan fold napkins


Version One: The Traditional Fan Fold

To kick off the fold, start by folding your napkin accordion style until you’ve folded the last piece. Fold the accordion in half and slip on your napkin ring, fluffing out the edges and perfecting the style according to your taste once it’s on the individual place setting.


Version Two: The Fan Bow Fold

Start by folding your napkin in half and neatening it out so that it’s nice and flat. This will ensure that there are no uneven edges or bubbles as you go along. Again, fold the napkin accordion style using the smaller edge as the starting point. Once you’ve folded the last piece, slip on your napkin ring and fluff out the bow, ready to place it on your plate.


Version Three: The Modern Fan Fold

This version combines the first two folds and is a smaller version of the traditional fan fold. It’s super cute and would look great in a more modern setting. Create this look by folding your napkin in half and again following the steps of the accordion fold until you’ve reached the last piece. Note that you should be folding on the small width and not the large width of the napkin. Once finished, double it over as we did with the traditional fan napkin and add your napkin ring.


And that’s it! Three super easy folds to complement your wedding table that can all be done in a flash for those planning DIY weddings or events on the fly but still want that sophisticated look.

As a side note, the bow fold makes a super cute fold for birthday parties and baby shower events as well. As always, your choice in the type of napkin you use, the color, and the bling pieces you add to it can totally change the look and feel of these folds so don’t be scared to play around with the different combinations.

Happy planning!




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