Momma From Scratch Wedding Centerpieces October 10 2017

Gorgeous minimal DIY wedding centerpieces

Emily from Momma From Scratch has crafted beautiful floral wedding centerpieces with added bling. Her color palette is simple and minimal, adding a lot of elegance to her designs. Making use of the rhinestone mesh ribbon, she’s decorated the vases with bling as well and has offered some brilliant ideas on how to create your own sophisticated but budget-friendly items.

As budget-friendly ideas are a long standing theme here at Totally Dazzled, we are always excited to see beautiful projects that don’ break the bank but look good enough to be featured on, say, a celebrity’s wedding table.

Momma From Scratch Wedding Centerpieces

Emily has a natural eye for floral arrangements and shares a few tips on how to get the perfect arrangement by combining softer colors, textures and layering the flowers as you arrange them. We all know floral arrangements can be somewhat challenging and it’s great to watch as Emily puts together these pretty centerpieces.


Take a look at the DIY Wedding Centerpiece video from Momma From Scratch


She’s also added a few bling pieces from our gold and pearl mixed pack and they look stunning combined with the gentle white, pink, and green color combination. The pearls in the gold pieces always help to add a timeless feel to any project.

The vases are simple glass vases from the dollar tree that she has spiced up with a bit of bling. I love that she’s showcased a number of vase types. For her centerpiece, she’s combined the vases to create a single centerpiece but there’s no limit to your creativity. So even if you prefer larger, heavier vases or different vases, this tutorial could still form a foundation for your beautiful wedding or event centerpiece.

I love the special touches that Emily has added to her centerpieces, her eye for detail is impeccable. Creating elegant table décor is a skill and it very often boils down to keeping things simple. Emily has paired the colors, flower types and the bling choices well with each different type of vase, ensuring that no vase is too heavy, or overly decorated, even though two of the vases are almost completely covered in the rhinestone mesh ribbon.

Momma From Scratch will be featuring more wedding tutorials on her YouTube channel, which is very exciting. We recently covered another stunning project of hers which also featured a beautiful floral arrangement and an eye-catching minimal table setting.


Momma From Scratch Featured Image #1


Momma From Scratch Wedding Centerpieces Featured Images #2

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