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5 Creative Reasons for a Lavender Wedding Theme

July 09, 2020 3 min read

lavender wedding theme reasons

How to Incorporate Lavender in Your Wedding

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be challenging. It guides so much of the experience and impact of your biggest day. We put together a few fun and and creative uses to incorporate the romance and natural beauty of lavender in your wedding theme. Get inspiration and help decide if a Lavender Wedding is right for you!

I’ve covered a few color themes for weddings and events already this year on the blog and posted TONS of Pinterest pics that reflect my favorite pickings of each theme. One of the most popular themes and Pinterest boards is the lavender wedding theme and I can totally see why.

Lavender can create a multi sensory experience 

The Lavender theme is so incredibly natural. I love the idea of using real Lavender throughout the wedding design and for those who enjoy the smell, it’s a total sensory experience from the beautiful shades of purple right through to the vibrant smell coloring your wedding day.

Lavender Makes Memories Last

I’ve read once or twice before that smell helps to solidify a memory and often creates vivid recollections. So the Lavender wedding theme is the perfect way to keep your wedding day forever locked in your memory. Just think, every time you smell Lavender you’ll be taken right back to the most memorable day of your life, I can’t think of anything better.

Lavender Wedding Theme

It’s not only the smell and the color of the lavender that makes this a great choice for a wedding or event, it’s the nature of Lavender itself. There are literally endless ways you can use lavender within your wedding to enhance the décor, design, and even the menu!

Lavender is Edible!

Lavender is edible, which makes it a great addition to treats like macaroons – Lavender macaroons are superb and look stunning when served. Lavender can also be used in your cakes, your teas, and your gourmet meals. It can be added to your wedding favors, your menu’s, and the flower arrangements. It can be used as a gentle scent around the venue as well as hand wash and lotion in the bathrooms to tie the details in (if you’re a stickler for details like I am).

Lavender is a Romantic Color Choice

If you’re not too fond of the smell or the look of the Lavender flowers, you could simply opt for a Lavender color palette. It’s gentle but royal, can be paired with a wide variety of colors and is absolutely stunning. I paired the Rhinestone and Pearl Stretch Loop Napkin Ringwith a Mauve napkin but this would look stunning with a lavender napkin too. Use a champagne colored napkin and add a sprig or two of Lavender to the napkin rings.

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Lavender Wedding ideas

Lavender pairs well with many other colors and settings 

Using Lavender as the main color or simply using it as a highlight color will produce beautiful results either way and as mentioned before, Lavender pairs well with nearly any color. Lavender’s texture also lend itself well to the natural themes, making it a great addition to an outdoor wedding, garden wedding or a beach wedding but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s restricted to those themes. I love how Lavender becomes incredibly feminine when paired with lighter colors like cream, beige, light silvery gray and even champagne. These light hues really bring out the brighter side of the purple in Lavender and create a stunning effect.

If you’re looking for a gentle color palette, consider pairing Lavender with lighter shades of purple like violet and lilac and using cream or beige as a base color.


Photo Credits:

Vase and Gift: Nelly Vintage Home; Cheesecake: Woman and Home; Wedding Invitations: Photography by Loblee Photography invitation by Wildfield Paper Co.; Napkin Ring: Totally Dazzled; Wedding Cake: Rachel Havel Photography via MODwedding; Wedding bouquet: Defining Moments by Sheri Marie via Society Bride; Earings: Nelly Vintage Home; Leaf Brooch: Totally Dazzled; Bride and Groom: Photography by Eddie Judd via modwedding


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