Floral Wedding Inspiration September 15 2016

Floral arrangements to make your wedding day truly spectacular

Flowers will always be a really big part of a wedding in some form or another. Whether you choose to add just a few floral elements or design your wedding around the theme of floral arrangements, you're bound to love the inspiration in this post.

I live for the floral elements used in a wedding and there's way too much inspiration to pinpoint any one style, color combination or flower type and call it the best. By far my favorite, though, is the use of the unexpected and slightly different combinations. Darker colors matched with light, bright colors. Bright colors matched with pastels, interesting types of foliage like Kale, mixed with pretty and feminine flowers like the Peony. These combinations are actually quite spectacular and make for a unique bouquet of flowers. 

If you're planning on using flowers throughout your wedding and design, a really great idea is to decide on a main flower and use flowers that compliment and even contrast the main flower interchangeably throughout your decor and design ideas. This way your theme won't be overwhelmed by too many flowers of the same kind and you'll still be able to pull of a floral wedding. 

Pearl and Rhinestone Flat Back 511-S

While flowers give a wedding a lovely natural feel, it's not impossible to add elements of sparkle to your bouquets by adding a small but simple flat back embellishment. Keep the sparkle simple to achieve a wonderfully sophisticated feel OR add several larger pieces for a more glitzy and glamorous style. A great embellishment to use for a floral theme is the Rhinestone and Pearl Flatback.


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invitations: Momental Designs; Bridesmaids: Ryan Ray Photography via Style Me Pretty; Bouquet: Carrie Patterson via Brides.com; Place setting: Ryan Ray Photography via Style Me Pretty; Cake: Nadia and Co.  

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