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DIY Rose Gold Glitter Wine Glasses by Design on a Dollar

December 06, 2018 3 min read

DIY Rose Gold Glitter Wine Glasses by Design on a Dollar

Anyone for glittery rose gold wine glasses? Ida Evan got us covered.

Ida Evan of Design On A Dollar YouTube Channel has created a fantastic glitter wine glass tutorial.  She takes us step by step through the process of putting together these stunning glasses with rose gold starburst brooch...fortified with bling…just the way we like it.


The wine glasses are absolutely stunning and Ida makes it look super easy to put together this project. Before she gets into the nitty-gritty of creating these rose gold glitter wine glasses, she mentions the items you will need, for those of you who are looking to create your own wine glass similar to hers.

You will need to purchase



As a rule of thumb, clean surfaces before applying adhesives. Ida used a certain brand of glass cleaner to make sure her wine glasses are perfectly clean.

Rose Gold Bling Wine Glasses

As mentioned in the video, make sure you choose the glossy type of Mod Podge and not the matte one to achieve a glazed finish.

Mix glitter and mod podge of your desired amount.

Let the glass stand upside down.

Rose Gold Bling Wine Glasses(1)

Using the foam brush and start dabbing the glitter mix on the glass starting from its base.

Gradually paint glitter on the neck of the glass until the desired look is achieved. Ida also mentions that the styling of the glitter should depend on your preferences.

To kick it up a notch, she’s included special bling pieces like the rose gold starburst brooch which she glued on the wine glass after the paint has dried. The mixed packs are also a great way of adding variety to your bling selection without the hassle of hand-selecting each item. They are perfect for any project as this.

What I love most about this wine glass is its sheer elegance. The simplicity and selection of color that Ida Evan made use of complement each other in such a way that the final product is absolutely stellar.

 Glitter Wine Glasses

The brooches look lovely set against the rose gold glittery glass and the feathery ambiance of this set-up makes it clearly visible. I loved that the brooches’ details on the glass sparkles just like the glitters do. Thumbs up, for the great choice of colors and design!

All in all, this lovely rose gold wine glasses is something we’ll be ogling over here at the Totally Dazzled head offices for quite some time and we’re so happy that we can share it with you all today. Watch out for more videos coming from Ida Evan of Design on a Dollar for more stunning and yet easy to make DIY tutorials.


For more DIY videos and tutorials like this one, visit the Design On A Dollar YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ for daily inspiration.

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