Copper and White Wedding Inspiration

November 10, 2016 2 min read

Copper and White Wedding Inspiration

Copper and white are a modern take on the glam wedding.

We've seen metallics hit the wedding scene in their full glory over the past year and I have to tell you, I'm absolutely loving it! I recently shared my take on rose gold wedding inspiration so this week I thought I'd cover copper. I've seen copper make an entrance onto the wedding scene in a huge variety of ways so as a starting point, we'll take a look at just one of the many amazing copper combinations; copper and white. 


To me, the copper has a somewhat industrial feel to it and I've seen it being used in many forms for weddings that have modern, minimalist and, metallic themes and sometimes...these three "m's" all in one!. However, that doesn't mean this lovely addition to your wedding design is limited to those specific themes, in fact, adding a bit of copper to a vintage- or rustic-themed wedding is a great way to take a step back in time and really set the scene for the days gone by look with items like massive copper urns (like the ones grandma had on display in her home back then).

The reason I decided to focus on copper and white is because it has this lovely simplistic charm to it and yet you can glam this theme up as much as you want to. It feels very sophisticated and adding bling to this gorgeous theme only brings out the gorgeous copper even more. 

I love the idea of pairing the copper with a pearl embellishment to add a little more vintage to the mix. The flower and rhinestone pearl flat back is a great option for a copper and white wedding. Use these sweet flat backs to add sparkle to your invitations, wedding favors, boutonnières, flower arrangements, the wedding bouquet band decoration and so much more. While I do believe that less is more (when it comes to budget DIYs that is), I also believe that sometimes more is perfect, especially when it means more sparkle and glam!

How would you add copper to your wedding theme? Would you go all-out metallic or would you simply add highlights to your base theme? Some other great copper combinations to consider are copper and natural elements like wood, concrete, and stone; copper and blush (or pastel colors!); copper and navy; copper, rose gold, and peach. That's just naming a few combinations, there are literally hundreds of ways to add this gorgeous element to your wedding or event.

I'd love to know what your favorite pieces are and what you think would make a great pairing for the copper and white wedding theme? Should there be more clear stones? More sparkling rhinestones in the mix? Maybe you feel that a gold brooch would do the trick perfectly. Whatever your preference, leave a comment to let me know.

Take a look at our copper and white board



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