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Today's Expert: Megan Estrada from North Shore Weddings and Events

May 25, 2017 4 min read


Megan Estrada from North Shore Weddings and Events chats to us.

Megan_EstradaMegan Estrada from North Shore Weddings and Events is cut from a special cloth. As a weddings and events expert with over 15 years of experience in her industry, she has created a reliable and trustworthy standing within the community. Her list of happy couples and the praise that goes with it is a testament to her amazing work ethic as well as her personal relationships with each couple and client that she spends time with. I’m so excited to introduce Megan Estrada to you and showcase her lovely portfolio on our blog.

Megan has a long history of event planning, having started in her college years already while she was shooting live music photography for the music industry. Introduced into the events industry by her friends who were already planning and hosting special events like festivals, concerts, club nights and fashion shows professionally, Megan became involved in the process and production side of things. Her natural aptitude for creativity and management allowed her to cement her role and carve out a position for herself in the field.

It was after college that Megan became involved in the hotel industry and began booking and planning social events. It was at this time that she was Director of Catering at a number of luxury hotel properties and as they say, one thing led to another and Megan found herself happily married to the events industry. Her stunning portfolio now consists of weddings and social events.

The business’s mission is to provide memories that last not only a lifetime but an eternity. Big days like weddings, anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are all important moments in life that deserve to be treated with the utmost passion. Her approach to her work is one of perfection and her aim is to leave guests feeling inspired as well as entertained. It’s this that has sparked the belief that unique events require a unique approach. Not put off by a challenge, Megan’s goal is to provide an exceptional experience within the boundaries of the client’s budget and as specified within the needs laid out by the client.


What sets North Shore Weddings and Events aside is the intense dedication to professionalism as well as the team of seasoned consultants. Each consultant has years of experience under the belt and every event reigns in that knowledge and creativity to produce high-quality results. The company has a classic style and creates events that are appropriate for both the budget and the venue.

Strong personal relationships with her clients are the key to successful events and Megan's focus is on helping clients to build and create an event that is a true reflection of themselves. The challenge of understanding what her clients are hoping to experience with their event ignites Megan’s passion and she works tirelessly to bring that into the event. As Megan mentions in her interview;

“Helping clients really mold and event to reflect them and their needs are the real success of an Event Planner.”

The company and its panel of specialists have arranged hundreds of events over the years. Their list of achievements includes weddings, Academy Award and Golden globe events, corporate events and more. Their specific services include partial and full event planning that is detail oriented and considers the individual tastes of the couple or client. They also provide month-of-coordination services.

Megan's personal proud moment within the business was when her parents started being introduced to people as “Megan Estrada’s parents.” It’s not only a proud moment for Megan but for her parents as well and is indicative of the effort she has put into building a reputable business. Another ongoing sense of pride for Megan stems from referrals, 90% of Megan’s business is based on referrals and as Megan says;

“There is no greater compliment than for a client to refer you to the people they know.”

Megan shared her trend vision for the year ahead and to her, it’s a resounding yes to the greenery trend that has made its way back into the industry. She loves the idea that natural elements and greenery are no longer background elements and colors but rather as the focal point of the design.

It’s such a pleasure getting to know Megan. Her work with North Shore Weddings and Events is immensely beautiful and inspiring. Here are a few pics from the events that she has done to date.

Take a look at the North Shore Weddings and Events Portfolio


Credits: Salvage One; Photography by Artistrie Co. Photography.


Credits: Waldorf Astoria; Photography by Kristen La Voie Photography.


Credits: Skyline Loft; Photography by Olivia Leigh Photographie.


Credits: Evanston Wedding; Photography by Eric Floberg Photography


Credits: Northfield Weddings; Photography by Candice Cucic Photography.

Megan Estrada Expert Interview Quote


If you’d like to get in touch with Megan, be sure to visit the North Shore Weddings and Events website. While you’re there, stop by at her portfolio to check out the long list of events she’s managed and their gorgeous images. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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