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DIY Spring Bling Floral Arrangements By Petalis Bless

April 23, 2017 3 min read

DIY Spring Bling Floral Arrangements By Petalis Bless

Fresh spring bling vases and floral arrangements 

We have collaborated with Petalis Bless an avid YouTuber, who has created two gorgeous bling DIY's with us and we're passing them on to you. Both DIYs are elegant and would make stunning centerpiece ideas for a formal event or wedding. Despite how formal the end product is, though, both of these beautiful projects are actually very cost-effective and simple to make.

Sticking to the theme of spring, Petalis Bless chose hydrangeas as her focus flower. Both the color and the style add elegance to the project. I also love that the chosen flowers suit the bling that Petalis Bless has chosen to decorate her vases with. I’ve long been a huge fan of small details that tie together to create one seamless design that feels coherent. This is exactly what this design feels like to me and I think Petalis Bless did a great job of outlining just how she went about putting this project together.


Making use of glassware along with white and silver elements, Petalis Bless has created a centerpiece that shines and stands out above the rest. I could picture this centerpiece at the reception table or main table of a bling-themed event, an elegant white wedding, and even a glam vineyard wedding.

Incorporating the rhinestone mesh and using it as a design element is a fantastic idea and I’m a huge fan of how Petalis Bless made use of the mesh to decorate the main centerpiece item. Styling with this product is a dream and pattern creating is equally fun. The grid structure makes measuring and cutting somewhat easier. However, if you’re looking to create more intricate patterns, it might be a good idea to map them out before cutting. It’s entirely possible to create filigree style patterns too with a bit of careful planning.

The arrangement of the bling pieces is perfect. Petalis Bless made use of the silver floral rhinestone flat back as well as the crystal buckle slide to add glamor to the centerpiece. Adding a few glass stones in the vase also just gives it that extra special touch and ensures that the flowers look real. Essentially, you could make use of your favorite rhinestone pieces here, choosing the styles that you like best.

For the first video tutorial, A square vase

Take a look at the Bling DIY video from Petalis Bless


All the products are discussed in the videos so you’ll be able to stock up for your own Petalis Bless bling centerpiece. The video is also extremely easy to follow and she takes you through the creation process step by step, which is great. After watching the videos for the first time I was super excited to try these projects out at home. For the vase DIY, Petalis Bless paired the luxury square diamante flat back with the square rhinestone flat back to create a beautiful bling vase in a matter of minutes. Petalis does add some bling to the flower arrangements themselves too and I love this touch. It’s not entirely a bling bouquet, however, the sparkle between the petals is just enough to draw your attention.

Take a look at the Bling DIY video from Petalis Bless


Shop the Rhinestone Products Petalis Bless used in her Tablescap

Take a closer look at this gorgeous DIY mirror


Petalis Bless used cost-effective items to create the two DIY videos.



Beautiful bling touches bring out the elegance of this vase.



Isn't this too gorgeous? I absolutely love the design of the centerpiece here.


Get in Touch with Petalis Bless + a Giveaway

If you’d like to see more of these beautiful bling projects then be sure to check out the YouTube channel. You can also follow her on Instagram, and Google +.  

Petalis Bless is hosting a giveaway that runs until the 21st of April. The winner will be announced on the 22nd of April. Here's what you have to do in order to take part in this special bling competition.

Competition Guidelines:


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