DIY Button Napkin Rings

September 02, 2016 2 min read

DIY Button Napkin Rings

Learn how to make this elegant button napkin ring

Napkin ring tutorials are one of my favorites to put together firstly for their variety – the options are endless but also for the sheer simplicity. Making a stunning napkin ring really doesn’t have to cost much or take a lot of time to make to look great on a table and because the projects are low cost, they’re also perfect for the budding homemaker who wants to glam up her space but doesn’t want to break the bank.




Today’s tutorial is a little different to some of the other napkin ring DIYs we’ve done in the past and I’ve used a button and string instead of a slider buckle and ribbon for this project to really highlight all the possibilities and variations available.

I’ve used the cute Pearl and Rhinestone Flower Button for today’s napkin ring and paired it with some twine and lace to give it that lovely vintage look. These materials will also be perfect for a rustic wedding, and outdoor or garden themed wedding, and a lace themed wedding.

In order to make your DIY Button Napkin Rings you’ll need:

Pearl and Rhinestone Flower Buttons 706


This napkin ring is great for events, weddings, home décor and will make the perfect gift. 


Quick inspiration:

Pearl and Rhinestone Flower Buttons 706
  • For a more rustic feel, you could swap out the lace for burlap or even combine the two for a lovely layered look.
  • If you prefer a simpler look, why not leave the lace out completely and use just the string and button. For this, be sure to create a tight napkin ring as it will look slightly better.
  • This napkin ring will look great no matter how you choose to roll your napkins. I’ve rolled the napkins in this tutorial a little loosely but if you rolled your napkins tighter, they would have a rounder look (and you’d be using less lace and twine in your project which could save you a few dollars if you’re planning a large event.)
  • On the flip side, alternate the look by choosing a different napkin fold and creating the ring to suit the napkin.


Have fun while you make this DIY and remember that you can get totally creative with the materials to really make it yours and totally awesome.

We’d love to see your DIY Button Napkin Rings, don’t forget to share your projects with us on Instagram using the #totallydazzled hashtag. Also, if you’re a big DIY fan (like me) head on over and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more awesome videos like this one.


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