Black and White Wedding Inspiration

December 01, 2016 2 min read

Black and White Wedding Inspiration

Modern and classy with black and white.

I've always loved black and white events, they feel very chic to me, with women looking gorgeous in white and men looking very debonair in their black tuxedos and white shirts. As the modern wedding has become more popular, the rise of the black wedding dress has also become more popular and I have to say that I love it. It's super daring simply because it's so different and it stands out but it looks absolutely amazing.

Black and White Wedding Theme Inspiration

Credits:Bride and Groom: Photography by Clayton Austin via Style Me Pretty; Bride and Bridesmaids: Photography by Kristen Weavervia Junebug Weddings; Black and White Interior: Photography by Badger Photography; Vase, frame and accessories: Totally Dazzled 2016 Lookbook; Cake: ; Signage and table setting: Photography by Annalisa Joy via Ruffled Blog; Napkin: Totally Dazzled 2016 Lookbook



At the start, it may seem a touch overwhelming to put a black and white wedding together as a little too much of either can quickly become overwhelming but with all the inspiration online and the many DIYs, the black and white concept is super fun to put together.  

If you don't want to do a stark black and white event, there are tons of ways to add a hint of color here and there while still keeping the main theme. For example, making use of light can warm or cool the atmosphere and create the illusion of a variety of colors being used. You could also choose a color that you use throughout your decor as a highlight. For example, a beautiful rose red could be used in between a bouquet of white flowers. Pretty red details as decoration on the cake or a gorgeous red lining under wedding shoes. In the lovely inspiration images above, green is the highlight color, simply breaking the stark black and white but not taking the focus away from the theme.

Hosting a black and white event or wedding also takes a little pressure off your guests with regards to the dress code. Almost everyone has a white or black item stored in their cupboards for special events. It also means that certain DIY projects are a little easier to do as black and white paint, paper and other craft items are readily available at stores and are usually a lot easier to find than a particular color. 


I love the idea of using crystal or clear stones with a black and white theme as the stones are reflective and shine beautifully in between the decor items. They stand out perfectly against the black and white tableware, fashion items, and decor pieces. Whether you enjoy the full on glam extravagance or you prefer a simple row of sparkle, there's no doubt it will look stunning with this theme. We used the crystal buckle slide for the accessory items while we used a matching crystal napkin ring for our black and white lookbook style.

How would you style your black and white wedding? Do you prefer the classic look, or would you give your event a modern twist? Let me know what you think!



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