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Coral and Aqua Wedding Inspiration April 20 2017

Coral and Aqua - a stunningly fresh color combination for a spring wedding

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Totally Dazzled Coral and Aqua Featured Images

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Great Gatsby Wedding Theme Inspiration August 25 2016

All the glamor of the roaring twenties

A Great Gatsby wedding theme is, without a doubt, about the glamor of Hollywood and the fashionable twenties. This stunning combination of glitz and glam with strong Art Deco elements makes a bold statement that looks totally amazing.

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Succulent Wedding Theme Inspiration August 18 2016

Absolutely stunning succulent wedding inspiration

I’ve never really considered using succulents in any event as the flower of choice for floral arrangements and decorations but after taking a look at the latest trend these desert flowers have found themselves being a part of, I’m 100% sold on the idea.

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Today’s Expert: Alexandria Lindo August 13 2016

ALStylist is seriously going places

Alexandria Lindo, owner and creative director of her self-titled business has been making waves in the event and wedding styling industry with her beautiful custom-made invitations, stationery, and floral arrangements. We’re so excited to have been given the opportunity to interview her and get to know her and her work a bit better.

Alexandria Lindo

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White Wedding Theme Inspiration August 04 2016

An all-white wedding theme is spectacular

If you’ve ever been to an all-white wedding, you’ll know it’s something that literally takes your breath away. From the elegant finishes to the extravagant cakes, dresses, and shoes a white wedding is fantastic in every way.

Totally Dazzled White Wedding Inspiration

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Woodlands Wedding Theme Inspiration July 21 2016

Deep, romantic and absolutely charming

Outdoor weddings have always piqued my interest as there is so much inspiration to draw from and stunning small details that can be used that make an event an amazing experience. The woodlands theme is absolutely amazing and I love the romantic touches that make this theme charming. From the outdoor fairy lights to the moss-covered logs (and even cakes!), I love it all.

Totally Dazzled Woodlands Feature

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Lavender Wedding Theme Inspiration July 05 2016

Lavender has us dreaming in purple 

I’ve covered a few color themes for weddings and events already this year on the blog and posted TONS of Pinterest pics that reflect my favorite pickings of each theme. One of the most popular themes and Pinterest boards is the lavender color scheme and I can totally see why. The Lavender theme is so incredibly real. I love the idea of using real Lavender throughout the wedding design and for those who enjoy the smell, it’s a total sensory experience from the beautiful shades of purple right through to the vibrant smell coloring your wedding day.

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Gray Wedding Theme Color Inspiration May 12 2016

Gray accompanies so many colors well 

We’ve had some stunning color combinations before and I know we’ll have many more to come but today’s color combination is one of my absolute favorites thanks to its versatility. There is no limit to a gray color combination and the best part about using shades of gray is that you can literally control how feminine/masculine a wedding should look and feel. It’s amazing. In fact, if you wanted to really add a fine level of color detail, you could control different parts of your wedding ranging them from feminine to masculine with just a few shades and color hints. That easy.

Totally Dazzled Gray Wedding Color Inspiration

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