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Make a Wedding Brooch Bouquet in Just 3 Steps September 06 2018

In this video tutorial from Totally Dazzled, Natalie teaches you how to make a brooch bouquet. Follow her 3 easy steps to making a brooch bouquet. Find a complete list of supplies in the description below.

Thanks for watching our video.  Let us know what you think about this project in the comments below.

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Momma From Scratch Elegant Tablescape July 20 2017

An asbolutely gorgeous minimalist tablescape with variations by Momma From Scratch

Keeping it elegantly simple is actually a lot harder than it looks. The less there is on the table, the more effort you have to put in to get things looking just right without feeling incomplete or a little empty. Momma From Scratch has managed to do just that, capturing the feel of spring perfectly in her tablescape.

Momma From Scratch Elegant Tablescape

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How to Tie a Vertical Chair Sash June 23 2017

A twist to the traditional chair sash tie

This gorgeous chair sash tie method is a different take on the chair sashes I've done to date. I've had the diagonal chair sash bow, the gorgeous flip tie chair sash, a few DIY chair sash tying options and the DIY elegant chair sash. All of these tie methods look amazing and add an elegant touch to the chair design. They're also exceptionally easy to create, making them among my favorite glam DIYs. So for today, we're taking a look at how to create a vertical chair sash.


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How to Tie a Flip Tie Chair Sash June 16 2017

Elegantly tailor your chair sashes with this beautiful flip tie method

I absolutely love when I come across super easy DIYs that look amazing and high end. Today's tutorial highlights one of those super easy to make but still unbelievably beautiful chair sashes. The flip tie method is so quick to create and looks so elegant that it will leave your guests stunned.


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DIY Tulle Flower Chair Bow April 07 2017

Make your own Tulle Flower Chair Bow

We're kicking this week's tutorial off with a super simple DIY that looks beyond amazing when finished. This DIY tulle flower bow takes only a few minutes to make, is relatively cost effective and so easy to customize to your personal taste. 

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Miss Plan It Christmas Decor DIY December 09 2016

Get into the Christmas spirit with this beautiful DIY centerpiece

Trying to find the perfect Christmas decorations for both your tree and your table can be quite a daunting task this time of the year. Not only are the shops packed and almost impossible to navigate, the prices are almost always pushed up as well. Miss Plan It tackled this problem head on in her video tutorial, making it her mission to create a spectacular centerpiece that doesn't break the bank and I have to say, she did an excellent job.

Miss Plan It Christmas Centerpiece Decor DIY

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Christmas DIYs and a Giveaway With Sharon She So Fabulous December 01 2016

It's Christmas giveaway time!

We’ve got an exciting giveaway to share with you all today. We partnered up with Sharon She so Fabulous to bring you this awesome, limited time contest and the rules of the competition are quite simple (find them at the end of the article).

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DIY Bling Vase with Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon August 19 2016

Learn how to make a set of stunning DIY vases for your events.

I’ve got another really simple but fantastic tutorial to share with you. A little while ago I featured a similar DIY tutorial for Rhinestone Mesh Wrap Candle Holders that uses the same concept for fairy lights around the house, to use in your event or to style your wedding tables. Today’s tutorial is practically the same but I wanted to showcase the versatility of the Rhinestone Mesh wrap for different sizes, shapes, and uses.

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DIY Napkin Ring Wedding Décor Tutorial July 29 2016

Make these stunning napkin rings yourself.

Napkin rings may seem like a small and unnecessary detail at an event or wedding but so very often it’s the napkin ring that adds the final and most important touch to the table setting. There are, of course, so many elements that make an event table spectacular so it doesn’t just come down to this one feature but from my own experience the smaller details that work together as one is what makes an event, it’s décor and design, and the moments really memorable. 

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DIY Wedding Bouquet Band with Bling July 22 2016

Make these stunning napkin rings yourself.

One of the most prominent focal points in a wedding is the wedding bouquet. Your wedding bouquet will spend just about every hour of your wedding day in your hands, being admired, and being photographed. If you’re a traditionalist, it will end its day in the hands of a lucky bride-to-be, so it’s important that it looks great. We spend a lot of time, money and effort picking out the right flowers and ensuring that the arrangement is perfect so that it really reflects our character and looks perfect on wedding photos.


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Wedding Decoration DIY Tutorial Rhinestone Mesh Wrap Candle Holders July 08 2016

Make stunning table decorations with Rhinestone Mesh Wrap and simple candle holders

Candles really set the scene. I’ve always felt like I’m walking straight into a fairytale event when I see lit candles with beautiful décor elements around them. If that’s the kind of look you’re going for, the romantic fairytale dream, then this candle wrap holder tutorial is just for you.


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Napkin Folding Tutorial Bow Fold Technique with Added Bling July 01 2016

Learn how to fold a bow-fold napkin

If you like to experiment a little with your table settings, you’ll love today’s tutorial. I love easy DIY’s that save time and money. This bow-fold technique is one that fits the bill, is actually pretty easy to make (even though it looks a bit complicated), and looks great for a variety of wedding themes and events.

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