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Blush Pink and Grey Color Inspiration November 02 2015

There are few things as intimate as blush pink and grey, and this pair of colors in just the right hue marks the perfect union of two people coming together in perfect harmony. This incredibly sophisticated duo is not only beautiful to look at, but adds an elegant charm to any wedding. We think it’s just about perfect for the couple who want to wed in absolute luxury.

Of course, there is a host of ideas that can complement a blush pink and grey wedding inspiration. For example, adding one or two colors like white and silver can offer depth to your theme. Value added extras like our rhinestone napkin rings can add sparkle to your table, and would look amazing set against a silver-grey or a blush color napkin.

Because there is so much going on in a wedding, the focus pieces need to be soft and subtly highlight areas rather than dominate them. These small focus pieces create balance in your event and keep the décor, your dress, and other facets of your wedding “full” as opposed to feeling half-done. Strangely, it’s the small details that add life and warmth to a wedding.

The rhinestone napkin rings add grace to any table setting. We also offer a matching rhinestone brooch piece that is beautifully crafted to add splendor to your invitations, bouquet’s, or even party favors.

Imagine a beautiful bouquet of blush pink and grey complemented with white, peach and just a hint of light green. Top that with a plush mature grey ribbon and one of our wedding rhinestone brooches as the highlight piece.  Alternatively, you could create a sparkling and glamorous rhinestone brooch bouquet using a selection of our rhinestone brooches and some blush pink ribbon or feather accents. What about beautifully crafted menu cards rolled up as scrolls and held together with rhinestone rings to give to each of the guests along with their party favors? These would make for a lovely memory of your big day. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination (or that of your wedding planner).

The image featured here - the vintage diamante napkin ring, would look great on just about any setting and would certainly add a mature and refined feel to your wedding for a great low price!

We’ve picked a few of our favorite blush pink and grey wedding inspiration pics on Pinterest for you, don’t forget to take a look. Possibly the best thing about this combination is that it is both masculine and feminine. A simple alternation between the focus and highlight colors change up the theme altogether. For example, masculine would require more grey with a white and blush-pink highlight whereas feminine would require more blush and white with subtle silver-grey highlights.

It’s such a glorious combination that it would be a shame to use it only at a wedding event. This combination would make an excellent theme for a birthday party, a special function, a school dance, even a luxurious interior setting. We hope you’re thoroughly inspired after taking a look.

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Table: Hoyin Siu Photography Studio via WedLuxe  | Invitation: Etsy | Napkin Ring: TotallyDazzled | Cake: Hoyin Siu Photography Studio via Wedluxe | Flowers: Mariee | Bouquet: Hoyin Siu Photography Studio via Wedluxe

How to Make a Simple Brooch Bouquet October 06 2014

Hey Everyone!

In today's blog post and how-to video we answer one of our most frequently asked to turn one of our crystal brooches into a brooch flower so it can be used in floral arrangements and brooch bouquets!

DIY Rhinestone Brooch Bouquet Wedding Project

We think a wedding brooch bouquet is the perfect addition to a rhinestone wedding theme! They offer so much sparkle and are a lot of fun to make!

We have a plethora of brooches for sale on our website that would be ideal to use in a brooch bridal bouquet. Our collection includes both silver brooches and gold brooches to suit your wedding style. And of course, our wholesale rhinestone pins and embellishments are always on offer at terrific prices!

Easy Rhinestone Brooch Bouquet DIY


In this video we show you how to use a floral base for your brooch bouquet so that you can incorporate as few or as many rhinestone wedding brooches as you would like. This is a great method for beginners or for those who aren't too crafty!

The ability to decide how many diamante brooches you want to include in your floral arrangement also gives you much more control over the final cost of your project and how much time you want to invest in making it. Adding wire stems to our wedding brooches is a fairly simple process BUT it can be VERY time consuming if your project includes a lot of bling. So, if you decide to tackle this wedding DIY project be sure to allocate a lot of time for it! :)

We hope you enjoy this video tutorial and we would love to see photos of the brooch bridal bouquet you make for your big day!

Wishing you lots of fun crafting your DIY wedding bouquet!

DIY Wedding Bling Napkin Rings a Do it Yourself Wedding Decoration Project April 08 2014

I'm so excited to share our VERY FIRST blog post!

This is a quick and easy do it yourself wedding project that is sure to make a big impact on your wedding table decor.  I hope you find this DIY napkin ring tutorial video to be helpful!  

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